Julio (Alpaca): Arrived 14 November 2012

UPDATE: May 23, 2017, Sadly today we said farewell and rest in peace to our beautiful old boy Julio. Since Julio came to Happy hooves in 2012 he has been a big favorite amongst volunteers and visitors, he was always a part of the landscape looking out across the paddocks and will be very sorely missed. We love you Julio.

Julio is a very regal character, who arrived with Mary (deceased), Jack (deceased), Minty, Lily lamb, Kath, Kel and Lucy. They all came from a lady who had hand-reared them, but due to illness needed to surrender her entire flock.

They had spent most of their lives together. Jack was also an Alpaca, and Julio and Jack were inseparable right up to Jack’s death in March 2015. Julio was very depressed for a while but given the new job of looking after some youngster arrivals (Rose, Bud, Petal, Belle, Tully) he seems to now have a new lease on life and takes his job very seriously!

He is a very reserved and private individual and likes you to respect his space!


Would you like to help us to take care of Julio?

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