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When a farm animal is in urgent need, or facing imminent euthanasia or slaughter, Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary offers short and/or long term assistance whenever possible. It has been our passion to help needy animals since 2008, and during this time, we have helped quite a few farm and domestic animals. One of our better known rescues is the much loved “Timmy The Lamb” from Facebook fame. This story of one man’s fateful encounter with an orphaned lamb and the resulting rescue and loving bond that developed has been very popular, and has been a catalyst for enabling us to reach more people with our message of hope for farm animals just like this adorable little guy. Timmy – the courageous and heart-meltingly cute orphaned lamb – is only one of many animals who have a story to tell. You can check out the tales of some more of our current rescues on this page.

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Brooster is in Need of a Home

Brooster was one in a brood of 10 chickens purchased by his owner. Four of…

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Book a tour of our beautiful property in the Perth hills! Happy Hooves is a safe haven for a variety of rescued and/or surrendered farm animals. Ours is a fully non-profit, charitable initiative, relying completely on public support and donations to enable us to continue our work long term.

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Cleveland (goat) Arrived 6th March 2019 Just as twins kids Bonnie and Clyde had settled in, we received a call from a local pound. A…
Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde (goats) Arrived 18th February 2019 In mid February (2019) we were contacted by someone who had taken in two orphaned goat kids.…


Eli (pig) Arrived 22nd January 2019 On the 22nd of January 2019 we were contacted by a hobby farmer. Their sow had recently given birth,…


Hank (sheep) Arrived 5th December 2018 In late 2018 Hank  was discovered homeless and wandering in bushland. He was all alone with no other sheep…


JT (goat) Arrived 25th October 2018 This handsome little guy was impounded by Perth rangers. No one came forward to claim the young goat, which…


Marley (lamb) Arrived 6th September 2018 This gorgeous little boy was found by a couple working on a sheep station near Carnarvon, Western Australia. Marley…