Albert (goat). Arrived 19 May 2016

Update 29/7/19

This morning we say goodbye to one of the biggest characters we’ve ever had at the sanctuary. Albert had a personality much bigger than his impressive stature. He always left an impression on people, luring them into a false sense of security with his pale blue eyes before taking a big swing with those long horns!

Al joined us back in May, 2016 after his carer had passed away. The carer’s daughter lived in suburbia, and didn’t have the space for a goat (especially one the size of Albert!). Albert had spent his 9 years with the one carer, so when he arrived at Happy Hooves he was clearly in mourning, and initially went off his food. Visits from previous neighbours (many bringing him his favourite things to eat), seemed to lift his spirit.

It was a pleasure caring for this gorgeous old boy, we’re pretty certain he enjoyed his three years with us too. You will be sorely missed Al. See you on the other side big fella 

Adorable Albert came to us after his previous owner sadly passed away. The daughter had no room at her suburban home for Albert (who is one of the tallest goats we’ve ever seen!), but wanted to see him live out the rest of his life happy, healthy and well cared for. That’s exactly what he’ll get here at Happy Hooves, with the added bonus of 15 other caprine comrades to goat around with!

Albert initially went off his food, but visits from previous neighbours – many bringing him his favourite things to eat, have perked him up a bit. He’s still not eating quite right and we’ll keep in in isolation (with friend, Isla) for a few more weeks to make sure he is eating right before introducing him to the others.

We’re very sorry for your loss, Albert, but hope you enjoy your time with us and your new goat friends.


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