Cleveland (goat) Arrived 6th March 2019

Just as twins kids Bonnie and Clyde had settled in, we received a call from a local pound. A little goat had come into their care, and they asked if we could give him a home. The next day, we introduced Cleveland to his new friends Bonnie and Clyde, and pair became a trio.

We were unable to determine how old Cleveland was when he came into our care, but we guessed he would have been about 3 weeks old. He was quite underweight, and had the softest little bleat. With bottle feeds multiple times a day and fresh lucerne to munch on, it didn’t take long for him to fill out to a healthy size.

Cleveland spent his first couple of weeks here in a hospital pen with Bonnie and Clyde. Recently he graduated to a larger yard with the twins, and the three are enjoying the bigger space; exploring and getting acquainted with neighboring goats, particularly older kid, JT.


Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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