Animal Actionist Ltd offers assistance to individuals who need to rehome their beloved farm animal friends. We have been helping animals since 2009 (although our registration as a non profit/charity only occurred in January 2014), and during this time we have offered advertising and guidance, temporary foster care, rehabilitation and/or permanent refuge to a variety of animals at our own cost.


With a focus on farm animals, our Perth-based website’s objective is to assist West Australian rescues and individuals when they are trying to find temporary and permanent homes for animals in need. Using eye catching ads and online application forms, we use proven social and email networks to spread the word across WA. We back this all up with practical guidance, advice and documentation to help owners ensure the best and safest outcome for their animal companion.

Farm Animal Advertising It is required that the animal be de-sexed* and immunized*, wormed or drenched before they can be placed in their new home. Adopters will agree to never use the animal for breeding or production. In other words, farm animals must be placed in homes that will keep them as pets only, and not use them for conventional farming purposes for profit.

* De-sexing and immunizing farm animals is species specific and will be discussed with the animal owner/custodian on a case by case basis.
We predominantly use our Facebook group – New Homes For Rescued Farm Animals WA (NHRFA) – to spread the word for animals seeking new homes. This group is managed by Animal Actionist Ltd, supported and assisted by a growing list of sanctuaries and animal rescue groups including Greener Pastures Sanctuary, and our own Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary and volunteers.

No advertised animals are sold for profit. Advertising & Adoption contributions are payable to Animal Actionist Ltd as a charitable donation to our registered non profit organisation to help us cover associated costs such as vet work, husbandry products, travel costs (in some situations), administration, and more.

Our rehoming/advertising fee is $50, each additional animal is $10.


If the animal can stay in the owner’s care (or the care of someone they trust) for a few weeks at least, we can advertise for them on this site. From there we take applications, share these with the legal owner and guide them on good applicant choices, assist with property inspections (depending on location), draw up adoption agreements, and conduct follow up checks. We do all this to help ensure that your beloved animal friend(s) find a genuinely caring and safe home. We can also arrange a professional photographer to come out to the animal(s) home (depending on location) to take photos to help us create a beautiful and appealing profile for them.

During the advertising phase, the owner remains anonymous, we correspond and deal with the applicants and discuss them with the owner (usually in a Facebook conversation group) until we get past the stage of inspecting the property of a good applicant. We provide guidance on applicant suitability; once an applicant or two are selected we help conduct property checks and encourage owners to attend – before deciding on the final custodian of their beloved pet. The entire process is done in conjunction with our “New Homes for Rescued Farm Animals” team on Facebook.

Once a good home is found, adoption agreements are drafted and signed, the owner and the adopter coordinate animal handovers, and we (NHRFA) schedule follow up checks to ensure the new placement is working out.

Please be aware that NHRFA cannot transport animals.

Why no farm animal breeding?
Like any other animal rescue group, we discourage breeding to end the cycle of animals facing danger or homelessness. In the case of farm animals this is particularly important as breeding can result in excess animals which often results in offspring being slaughtered or sold to market for conventional farming purposes. As a registered animal welfare charity, our aim is to protect animals from immediate and potential harm; therefore we treat all animals as companion animals only and part of that commitment means we do not supply (directly or indirectly) animals for production farming purposes.

Animal Actionist Ltd (trading as Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary) – ABN: 55167547346 – is a registered non-profit/charity with ACNC as of 21/1/14. We are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 21 Jan 2014, covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.