Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde (goats) Arrived 18th February 2019

In mid February (2019) we were contacted by someone who had taken in two orphaned goat kids. As they didn’t have adequate space to keep the goats long term, they decided to look for somewhere safe for siblings Bonnie and Clyde to go.

That same day the roughly one-week-old kids arrived at the sanctuary. But not before stopping in for a quick health check at our vets. Clyde was a little flat and was scouring. It wasn’t long until he was back to his boisterous self. Not long after, Bonnie staring experiencing some respiratory issues, and had another couple of trips to the vet for treatment. We’re pleased to say they are now both very healthy and happy little goats. Clyde is quite the glutton and at one stage was almost twice the size of Bonnie!

Bonnie and Clyde initially stayed in one of our hospital stables as they were so tiny. But since then they have graduated to a large yard and have been busy exploring their new surroundings. We hope this brother and sister duo continue to blossom and enjoy a long and happy life together.


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