Book a tour of our beautiful property in the Perth hills! Happy Hooves is a safe haven for a variety of rescued and/or surrendered farm animals. Ours is a fully non-profit, charitable initiative, relying completely on public support and donations to enable us to continue our work long term.

Our mission is to give farm animals the same chance at full and happy lives that are afforded to domestic pets; to demonstrate their inherent worth as living and sentient beings; to promote compassion to ALL animals and to advocate mercy and love for farm animals.

You will be meeting some of the lucky ones who have found their way to us, and we hope to share with you the beautiful experience of engaging with them in a non threatening environment, so that you can see their true personalities shine through. We will also introduce you to (if you haven’t already discovered) some truly delicious animal-free plant derived (vegan) snacks that will nourish you – body and soul.


  • Your tour will include a guided walk around the property meeting a wide variety of animal residents, and viewing our current developments and plans for the future. You will have opportunities to interact with some animals and to take photos. For your safety we must stay together as a group. After the tour some light snacks & refreshments will be served. Please eat before you come if you would like something more substantial. Please read all the points below so you are aware of the rules for attendance and other important sanctuary details.
  • Sorry but for the safety of our residents, please leave your dogs at home.
  • Walk tour usually goes for approximately 1-1.5 hrs (2km). Please let us know if you cannot participate in a   walk.
  • No guarantees can be made for petting or seeing particular animals – as this is their home, we respect their moods and wishes. Don’t worry, there is always a variety who want to say hello!
  • For farm security and for animal safety, we ask you to please do not wander the sanctuary at your leisure.
  • Children under 13 must remain fully supervised by an accompanying adult. Persons 14-17 must attend with an adult.
  • Light snack & refreshments will be provided. You are welcome to bring nibblies but out of respect for our residents, we ask that you please bring only vegan (non animal derived) food onto the sanctuary grounds.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, and bear in mind that you may get dirty from animal hugs.
  • You must wear closed-toe, strong footwear (sorry but we can’t let you in with animals if you have open shoes).
  • A small selection of Happy Hooves merchandise may be available for purchase, so please don’t forget your wallet if you would like to treat yourself to something nice. All proceeds from merchandise goes back to feeding and caring for the animals here.
  • Due to the demands of afternoon/evening sanctuary chores, tours must end at scheduled times and attendees are respectfully requested to please leave promptly after the tour.
  • Prices for tours are $20 per adult, $10 per child 13 years and under or $50 per family of 4 (2x adults & 2x children).
  • We are a registered not-for-profit charity and are very grateful for donations of fruit, vegetables, and/or money. Monetary donations over $2 are tax deductible.