Violet (pig) Arrived 8th May 2017

At just a few days old, tiny piglet Violet arrived at Happy Hooves in a cardboard box. Her mother had given birth to a litter of piglets, but Violet had not been suckling. Due to her behavior, her owner suspected that Violet was blind, and began feeding her milk in a bowl.

A trip to the vet confirmed that Violet was in fact blind. Being that she had been without vision from birth, we were confident that with some extra care she could still live a happy and fulfilling life here at the sanctuary.

For the first three weeks, Violet lived in the house with us. She had a pen set up near the fireplace where she could keep warm and snuggle with her bunny teddy.

Violet is growing up so fast! But her size isn’t the only thing changing. At first we noticed that Violet was able to wander around without bumping into things, that she could follow our movements, as though she was seeing us. A second trip to the vet confirmed that she could see, her vision was somehow returning.

She has since moved out into one of the hospital yards, where she runs around and digs holes through the day, and during the night she sleeps inside the hospital pen with her bunny.

We are so happy that Violet has joined the Happy Hooves family. She is such a gorgeous little girl, and such a pleasure to have around. Now that her vision has returned she will be able to join the other pigs when she is big enough, and live a normal life with her new friends.


Would you like to help us to take care of Violet?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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