King Henry

Henry (Suffolk wether) : Arrived 31 May 2013

Handsome Henry came to Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary with Salt (the Damara sheep); surrendered by a woman in the Perth Hills who was moving over east and couldn’t take them with her. Even before she knew she had to move, she was considering re-homing both of them as she had also owned another sheep called Pepper – when Pepper passed away, she got Henry as company for Salt, but Henry was very aggressive and spent all day chasing Salt -although castrated, he was still acting like a ram.

Henry still has to be separated from the rest of the flock due to his aggressive amorousness, so he spends his days with Lily, our 290 kg pig… she doesn’t seem to have a problem with him for some strange reason… he does try to steal her carrots though, whenever he gets a chance.

We call him ‘King Henry’, as we were told once by someone (we didn’t know) who was sitting outside our perimeter apparently communicating with the animals, that according to his information, Henry was very regal, and considered himself the ‘ruler’ of all the other sheep.

UPDATE; Towards the end of 2015, when his paddock mate, Lily was moved into Pig Paradise, Henry was moved out with the rest of the flock to see how he went – he’s still there and no body count, so all good! Great that he can be amongst his own kind again.


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