The Trailer Trash Girls (hens). Arrived 4 May 2015


Sue Ellen has joined the other Trailer Trash hens over the Rainbow Bridge. She succumbed to egg peritonitis after bravely battling it for a couple of months – coming good twice with vet treatment, draining the abdomen and antibiotics. We are so glad we could give them some joy and love in their short lives. May they all forage free in peace now.

Sadly, Sue Ellen is now the last remaining hen out of these six ladies. They all succumbed to some form of egg yolk peritonitis or abdominal tumours that this Isa Brown breed have had foisted upon them by the greedy egg industry – bred to produce 250 to 300 eggs annually as opposed to the 10 to 15 wild hens would lay every year. They all received vet attention – some, multiple vet visits, but in the end there was nothing we could do except have them humanely euthanised. Sue Ellen is now suffering from a suspected adenocarcinoma/abdominal tumours. She is being treated with antibiotics, but we won’t let her suffer.

These five feisty gals got their name from the fact that they were discovered in a Kalamunda Park, obviously dumped like trash, and had to spend two weeks in quarantine – the only place we had available that provided them with a comfortable home sheltered from the elements for that long, was a covered trailer, hence ‘Trailer Trash’.

They now have the run of the property – their forever home, and relish exploring, scratching, dust-bathing and pecking. We are so happy to have been able to give these five girls a home, but just regret that one of the initial six – Maylene, passed away from unknown cause soon after arriving – all the others are in tip top health and looking more glorious every day.


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