Gwenny (White Lace hen) . Arrived 4 June 2015

UPDATE: 7 June 2016. Gwenny was found suddenly very ‘flat’, not eating, tail down and inactive. She was taken to avian specialist who found very large, firm and impacted uterus – probably a tumour. Gwenny was humanely euthanised. The difficult thing about birds is that they will never show that they’re ill until right near the very end when they are too sick to hide it… just days earlier, she was running around and eating with the other chickens. We hope you didn’t suffer, Gwenny. Run free and rest in peace.

Gwenny was surrendered by her previous owner as she was being  aggressive to all the other hens and Bantam roosters. The owner could not find another home for Gwenny that she was happy with and thought that her only other option was to put her down. We had a theory that Gwenny’s aggression might have been due to the housing set-up she was in, so decided to offer her an opportunity to live in a more spacious and free-range situation, to see if the issue resolved.

Happily our suspicions were confirmed, and Gwyneth Poultry now spends her days roaming the property with nine other hens and King Louis the rooster with no problems – another happy ending at Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary!




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