Heff – Rainbow Bridge

Heff: ram. Arrived 4 June 2014

Heff was surrendered by a municipal pound. He was abandoned in Woorooloo by rental runner, picked up by shire, unclaimed and not able to be rehomed. He was due for destruction and “off to the meat man”.  Heff is an uncastrated ram, seems to be young and possibly Dorper mix.

He was very skinny and with snotty nose when delivered to us and we had little knowledge of his history. He needed to be castrated and for his condition to be improved. Unfortunately, Heff got very ill after the castration and vet suspected he contracted tetanus through the wound. We were devastaed that this had happened and the decision was quickly made to humanely euthanise him to alleviate suffering.

Deceased 20 June 2014 RIP Heff

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