Chick Pea, Sweet Pea and Maisie

Chick Pea, Sweet Pea & Maisie (hens). Arrived 2 April 2015

UPDATE: We are very sad to have had to say goodbye to Maisie on Monday 8 June 2015. At six years old, she had lived a very long life for an Isa Brown hen, and all the extra love, care, special food and vet visits just wasn’t enough. Maisie need to let go, so we took her back to our fantastic avian vet and he helped her on her way. We hope you are at peace now, Maisie – forever foraging, pecking and dust-bathing in the green fields of home.


On February 22, 2017 we said goodbye to a dear friend, Chick Pea. A few days ago, we noticed that Chick Pea wasn’t her vibrant self, she was quite flat and on closer inspection we discovered she had a watery crop. A visit to the vet confirmed a fungal crop infection.

After a few days of treatment there seemed to be no improvement, she was still lethargic and eating very little. Yesterday she was taken straight back to the vet, as she was no longer able to walk. Tests confirmed it was Avian Lymphoid Leukosis – the fungal infection had masked a more sinister disease.

There is no treatment for Lymphoid Leukosis, and her condition would only have worsened until she passed naturally. We decided it was best to end her suffering prematurely, and she was put to sleep. She will be laid to rest today at the Sanctuary.

We will miss having her here, I’m sure Louis (the little Bantam rooster) and her fellow hens will miss her too – foraging, pecking and dust-bathing together around the property.

Rest in Peace sweet girl. ?


UDDATE: On May 29, 2017 we lost another Happy Hooves resident – Sweet Pea the hen. She arrived at the sanctuary in 2015 with her friends Chick Pea and Maisie (who have sadly also passed). Unfortunately Isa Brown’s only have a life expectancy of 2-3 years, and at just over 3 years of age, Sweet Pea’s time had come. We will miss this darling girl. Rest easy Sweet Pea ?

These three ladies ended up at Happy Hooves because of ongoing mite infestations in their suburban home. Neighbours had started to complain about the spread of mites into their property and despite ongoing attention and treatment, the previous owner was finding it increasingly difficult to control infestations, so knowing that these three hens would have just as good-a-life or better here with us, they made a move to the country and have settled in well.

Maisie was a spent laying hen re-homed from an egg facility about four years ago and aMAISIEngly is still going strong! Chick Pea and Sweet Pea were both a bit younger when they came to be with this compassionate hen-lover and Maisie became their “mum” by default.

They are very gorgeous girls who currently tend to stick to themselves, but they have lovely neighbours in Yuki & Kenji, and the Trailer Trash Five – Daisy Mae, Betty Lou, Sue Ellen, Charlene and Thelma (now deceased).

Maisie has some health concerns at the moment (June 2015) and is getting lots of extra care, inside reCOOPeration and vet visits as required. She wasn’t eating or drinking much for a while there and we feared the worst, but (fingers crossed) she appears to have bounced back somewhat and we will continue to take very special care of her and spoil her with her favourite food, warm rooms and cuddles.


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