Timmy (wether). Arrived July 2012

This is the story of Timmy, straight from the keyboard of the kind man who found him, Clayton:

On 13-6-2012, while working in the area, I found Timmy the lamb abandoned in a crop paddock in the remote WA wheatbelt approx 300km East of Perth. The location was 5-10km from the nearest farm holding sheep, so I was told it is likely that Timmy was born on a Livestock truck and fell out or was discarded at parking area along Great Eastern Highway.

Timmy was extremely skinny, dirty and was suffering from the effects of the severe cold weather and rain that had lashed the area.

The nearest country vet could / would not take him in their care – but I was able to buy some Milk replacer formula and get a little advice.

On return to my accommodation, Timmy got a warm shower and a little milk and water to break his little stomach in gently.

The next day Timmy rode on the front seat all the way back to Perth, and appeared to be improving in health. I was going to call him “Nugget”, but my two boys (5 & 7) had already named him “Timmy” after the main character of the ABC kids TV show “Timmy Time” http://www.timmytime.tv/

However, on the Saturday morning Timmy’s health took a severe turn. Despite regular checks throughout the night, I woke to find Timmy motionless & barely alive. When lifted, Timmy’s neck spasmed and he suffered a terrible seizure.

20 minutes later Timmy was admitted to the nearest 24hr Vet Emergency. Timmy was viewed, and immediately was given little-to-no hope of survival. Timmy had developed severe diarrhoea (scouring) which stripped his little body of the only vitality it had – and it just shut down.

As it is unlikely that Timmy received his vital dose of Colostrum from his mother, he is extremely vulnerable to infection.

Timmy had a horrendous start to life – and I was not about to give up on him. So, despite some discouraging, yet realistic advice, I told the vets to do what they could. They then took Timmy in for emergency Intensive Care treatment – after a swift and very large assault on my credit card.

I asked to view him and was admitted into the treatment room to find him surrounded by staff with sensors & tubes ready to be connected As I left the room I heard another report that his temperature was still dropping (34C, when it should be around 39C), and was advised that Timmy’s condition was very unlikely to recover from there.

I walked out thinking it’d be the last time I’d see him alive……..

I waited out the front devastated by the prognosis.

Nearly 2 hours later I got a call …….. and miraculously, Timmy was responding to the Intravenous drip and other treatments. By 1pm that day I was able to pick Timmy up and start an intensive care regime, as Timmy’s battle was to continue against the scouring /diarrhoea.

This FB page was originally called “Save Timmy the Lamb”, set up for donations just in case Timmy needed more expensive specialist treatment.
Once he stabilised, the page was renamed and maintained so his humble following of friends could follow his recovery & progress….

Clayton and his lovely family pulled Timmy through his darkest hour and thanks to them, he turned a corner and was soon flourishing. They continued to care for Timmy and loved him very much, but they realized that they sadly couldn’t keep him long-term in their suburban home. So Clayton began an earnest search for a loving and safe haven for his beloved lamb. Somewhere where he would be protected from the sad and usual fate of sheep, and preferably a place that would continue to share his story & promote compassion for all his kind. We were honored that he chose us!

Timmy came to live at Happy Hooves in 2012 – and despite the fact that he very nearly died soon after birth, and after having such a terrible start to life, he has grown into one of the tallest, strongest wethers living here – it just goes to show what love, care and kindness can achieve.

 Would you like to help us to take care of Timmy?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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