Lucy (with Lily pig)

Lucy: Arrived March 2013

IN early 2013, a woman who was moving over to WA from NSW, approached us about bringing her animals –  Lucy the sheep and Lily the pig, to Happy Hooves in exchange for volunteering to help the animals – those already here, hers and ones to come; she was studying veterinary science and also working with holistic treatment for animals.

She had saved Lucy and Lily, plus a steer called Davey, as babies, from a production farm situation. Davey was unfortunately not able to be brought over, but Lucy and Lily came across in a protected trailer and arrived at Happy Hooves n March 2013. All three had been best buddies, so it was devastating that she was unable to bring Davey, but at least Lucy and Lily got to stay together.

Lucy and Lily remained together when they first got here, living with Ellen DeHeiferis but Lily had to be moved to a smaller paddock for us to care for her feet, which kept getting splits in the hooves. Lucy stayed with Ellen and became very close, until Busta Moo arrived, at which point we thought we would try to introduce Lucy to the rest of the sheep flock, unsure of how she would take it; she surprised us all by moving right on in and looking very well at home and happy!


Would you like to help us to take care of Lucy?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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  1. Digby Damara Lamb

    She is beautiful! Loving reading these profiles and the photography is excellent x

    1. animalactionist

      Thank you Digby ?? We owe the vast majority of the photos to the talented Katrina Love. We think she’s pretty rad!

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