JT (goat) Arrived 25th October 2018

This handsome little guy was impounded by Perth rangers. No one came forward to claim the young goat, which is so often the case. With nowhere for him to go, they contacted us to see if we had space to accommodate him. We are trying to reduce the animal intake here at the sanctuary, as our funds and resources can only be stretched so far. However we couldn’t leave JT to an uncertain fate, and soon after he arrived at here at his forever home.

He spent the first couple of weeks sleeping inside, waking the HH team early every morning with loud bleating and playing with the two sanctuary dogs. He doesn’t like being by himself, but unfortunately he’s just too small to hang with the other goats just yet. But there’s lots of new friends to be made in the herd, once he is big enough. He’s such a sweet and cuddly little boy, we’re so glad he’s joined the Happy Hooves family.


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