Zoe (goat) Arrived 11th April 2018

A very tiny Zoe was discovered on the side of a road in the countryside by Happy Hooves employee Meg. After surveying the area, Zoe’s mother could not be found. In fact, there were no goats in sight. How this little kid ended up alone on the side of a road is a mystery.

Zoe was only days old when she arrived at the sanctuary, and was possibly the smallest little goat we’d seen! Everyone fell in love with her quirky little personality.

Initially she slept inside the house as she was too small to stay in the hospital quarters by herself. We’d wake up in the early morning to her bleating for her breakfast bottle. Just over a month later, Jade lamb arrived and the two lived in one of the hospital yards; snuggling together at night and pronking together during the day.

Recently Zoe joined the small herd of special-needs and adolescent goats in the isolation yards. She’s the smallest by far, but what she lacks in stature, she makes up with sass! Once this little girl is big enough she’ll join the Happy Hooves herd and make lots of forever friends.

Would you like to help us to take care of Zoe? 

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