Lola & Bindi

Lola & Bindi (pigs) Arrived 16th June 2018

Back in June we were contacted by the staff at a Perth pound. Two pigs had been impounded and the owner did not want to collect them. With nowhere to send the pics, the ranger asked if we could provide the abandoned pigs with home. As we’d just about completed our pig extension on ‘Pig Paradise’ we were in a position to offer the girls a home.


When we went to collect the girls, we noticed that their bellies were quite large and had a feeling that they were both pregnant. A trip to Murdoch Animal Hospital confirmed our suspicions that they were in fact pregnant. They were unable to tell us how far along they were, so it was just a matter of waiting. With an unknown amount of piglets on the way, we were pretty sure Pig Paradise was going to be filled rather quickly!

We’re were very excited for Lola and Bindi, not only will they get to enjoy their lives at Happy Hooves, but they will have the opportunity to watch their babies grow up and spend their lives together. A right that is taken away from millions of sows and their babies every year.

Welcome home Lola and Bindi!

Would you like to help us to take care of Lola & Bindi?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work.

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