Lacey (sheep) Arrived 18th June 2017

Lacey was just a few days old when her mother passed away. We were contacted by her owners who desperately wanted to find her a good home. They wished they could raise her themselves, but as they owned large dogs, they were concerned for the safety of the orphaned lamb.

At first Lacey was not keen on suckling from a bottle, but she is slowly got the hang of it. Caring for her in the beginning involved bottle feeds all around the clock, and we took turns doing the night shift. Getting out of bed in the middle of the night isn’t fun, especially in winter, but seeing her sweet little face was so worth it.

When she first arrived, she was the only young lamb living at Happy Hooves. We introduced her to the two foster rabbits currently living here – Sophie and Selena, and they became her closest friends. They would touch noses, bounce and run around together.

Lacey spent her first week or two living inside the house, staying warm in front of the fireplace. When she got a little bigger she joined the other young lambs in the hospital pen. She has now moved into one of the isolation yards with the other lambs around her age, and young Jackson the kid. For now, that is where she will stay until she is big enough to join the flock.


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