Monaro (Moni)

Monaro (Pony) Arrived 5th December 2016

18th August 2017 – Sadly today we said goodbye to sweet Monaro.
At an estimated 30 plus years old Monaro had lived a long life but it seems her age had caught up to her. Upon investigation vets discovered she had multiple issues with her stomach, liver, and intestines that were irreparable. Monaro will be greatly missed at the sanctuary, and in our hearts.

This adorable little lady was rescued 7 years ago from a large abondoned property. Because she hadn’t had any human handling, she was extremely wary of humans and arrived in a float laying down and very stressed. Luckily the family that rescued her back then, spent a lot of loving time with her and helped her to overcome her worries and learn to trust again.

More recently, her current family had to move to the city and they were very worried about where their girl Monaro (AKA “Minnie”) would end up. Being over 30 years old and prone to colic, she needed to find the exact right home that could care for her properly and provide her with a comfortable life in her mature years. So they contacted our co-operative rehoming group New Homes for Rescued Farm Animals (NHRFA) to help with this. NHRFA tried to find a home for over 5 months but we were unable to secure the right type of home, so now she has found her way to sanctuary at Happy Hooves.

We are so happy to welcome Monaro to the rest of her safe and secure life. She is now affectionately known as Moni – because we already have a sheep named Minnie.


Would you like to help us to take care of Monaro?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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