Gabby (turkey) Arrived 27 June 2016

Sadly Gabby passed away 2nd January 2018

Gabby is the first ever turkey to come and live with us! She was surrendered to a vet for euthanisation, with the former owner claiming she was attacking the hens she lived with. We asked the vet to hold on to her until we could pick her up, which we did, and brought her back to the sanctuary. We decided to try her out with the roosters first after she followed them into their pen one evening and put herself to bed with them. So far, so good – everyone happy.

Gabby is a beautiful girl who just wants to follow you around… anyone! Like all turkeys, she is highly social and very inquisitive and did you know that turkeys have outstanding geography skills – they have the ability to learn the precise details of an area over 1,000 acres in size. Welcome to your new home – you only have to map 150 acres!


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