Eli (pig) Arrived 22nd January 2019

On the 22nd of January 2019 we were contacted by a hobby farmer. Their sow had recently given birth, and one of the newborn piglets was unable to use his right rear leg properly. It was believed that Eli’s injury was due to his mother crushing him. As a result, he was struggling to compete with his siblings to feed.

Eli was just a couple of hours old when we picked him up and brought him back to the sanctuary. He was a tiny pink jelly-bean! After a consultation with one of our vets, we were assured the leg wasn’t broken and were told to watch for any improvement over the next couple of days.

Initially Eli hesitated to put any weight on his sore leg, but each day he continued to show improvement. After about a month, he had full use of his back leg, with no sign there was ever any injury.

Eli is a very vocal little pig, he certainly lets us know when he’s hungry or when he’s not happy about something! He’s so full of character and always makes us laugh. It’s a joy to welcome Eli to the Happy Hooves Family.


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