Billy McLeod

Billy McLeod (goat) Arrived 8 June 2016

Billy arrived at Happy Hooves with Rosemary and Jackie Jackie – we call him by his full name, as we already have one Billy here. They were surrendered by their previous owner because she had to move and start a new job and sadly couldn’t take them with her. This is what she had to say about Billy:

“Billy is a castrated male who came into my life as a rescue – he had been dumped in the wild to fend for himself after being a pet for years. He (and 2 other goats) ended up in the pound and I saved him from there before they put him down. I really had to fight to get him and very sadly, was not able to acquire the other two so they didn’t make it. Billy is a very very friendly boy who loves his cuddles and is always rubbing his head up on you. He just loves his affection!

He can come across a little boisterous with his forceful desire to rub up against you but he has a beautiful nature and means you no harm. He always comes to his name, especially if you have food. Since Billy arrived, he has claimed top position (over Patsy) and it only took him one day to do it. This wasn’t a bad thing as Patsy was too bossy with the others but now that Billy is on the scene, she has calmed down a little, which is nice for everyone. Billy is good with the other animals, he’s not afraid to let the dogs know if they get in his space too much by feinting a head-swing at them. (he rarely actually connects). Billy is great with adults and children but you do need to take care with him as he forgets he has horns so when he displays his affection by rubbing his head on you, it can get a little rough, but he is harmless. Billy has a slight funny walk for reasons unknown, perhaps due to his age, otherwise he is in great health. Billy doesn’t jump high due to his leg issue so he is not one to try and escape or jump on top of things. He is a really beautiful boy who deserves a safe and loving forever home.”

Billy is six years old – loves his food and always has to be in to eat first – super affectionate – doesn’t realise he has horns – loves being the boss of the goats – is the mediator and keeps the herd peaceful – loves to ride in the car with the other goats and dogs, though gets mildly jealous that the dogs get to ride up front. He has the most adorable nature and his favourite activity is cuddles and head rubs.

These three join our trip of 14 other goats! When we first opened the sanctuary here in Gidgegannup, we had just two: Rupert and Thurman.



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