Oliver (sheep) Arrived: 8 February 2017

A tiny one-day old Oliver came into our care late one night. His mother had abandoned him at birth, and the farm owners contacted us the following night as his health seemed to be deteriorating quickly. Immediately he was taken to the emergency vet, where he was assessed and treated. To everyone’s relief, he made a full turnaround.

Oliver is the smallest lamb we have welcomed to Happy Hooves, weighing a mere 3.2 kilograms when he first arrived. He’s guzzling his milk bottles and growing quickly though. Tank and Milo, the resident dogs have become his best buddies as he is far too small to integrate with the older lambs Joey and Jasmine. He loves running around with them, chasing each other around the house and nibbling the dog’s ears.

He’s such an adorable little boy. He’s doing so well, and we’re all hopeful that he continues to be in good health and grows up to be strong and healthy. He has lots of friends to make, and a wonderful life ahead of him.


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