Jackson (goat) Arrived 27th June 2017

On the 26th of June we received a phone call from a young man claiming to have found an infant goat wandering the streets. Worried that the kid may be hungry and well overdue for a feed, we had one of our volunteers rush to pick him up and bring him to the sanctuary to be fed and assessed.

As it turns out, the young man and his friends had purchased Jackson whilst intoxicated, a couple of weeks prior. They decided to surrender the goat to people that could care for him long term. Thankfully Jackson was in good health.

Goats are known for their colourful personalities, and Jackson is no exception. He loves attention and loves to have a nibble on peoples clothes.


Would you like to help us to take care of Jackson?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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