Diego & Sofia

Diego & Sofia (alpacas) Arrived 26th May 2017

In late May we were contacted by the RSPCA who had seized a pair of neglected alpacas. As we had recently lost one of our long term resident alpacas, Julio, our female alpaca Mischief was in need of some friends. As these two were in desperate need of a home, and our alpaca was lonely, it made sense to offer the pair a home here at Happy Hooves.

When Diego and Sofia arrived, their neglect was very apparent. They were both desperately in need of shearing, feet trimming and Diego needed some dental work. Days after their arrival they had their much needed makeovers – hoof and dental work, as well as a combined 18 kilograms of fleece removed!

The pair are bonding with Mischief, and spend their days grazing and watching over the flock of over 40 sheep.


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