Animal Action Alerts

Three kitties and a bunny…

Hamish is looking for a Home

This weeks Animal Action Alert features three beautiful cats and a bunny who are desperate to find loving homes. Each one has a sad story to tell but like all animals, they are so ready to move on and forgive and forget – wanting only to love and be loved. One of the cats (Becky) and the rabbit (Asher) are fairly traumatized so they will need a caring and gentle approach. With love – just LOVE – these animals will surely flourish! Please read and share this e-newsletter with your friends to help spread the word.

Love and gratitude from me and the critters.

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Happy Ending

Bella (blue point ragdoll) and Skye seek loving home

UPDATE: I have good news & sad news. Good news is that lovely Bella was adopted, which is a wonderful thing. Sad news is that Skye was not adopted & was put to sleep. :'(

I’m told that tabby cats are very hard to rehome (can’t imagine why) so this is what happens when nobody is willing to take these lovely animals on. The Cat Haven gets so many cats surrendered to them every week – there just isn’t room enough to hold on to unwanted cats long term.

If you can spare some room in your heart & home for a needy kitty – please PLEASE adopt and save a life. It is such a sorry waste for these beautiful animals to be put down.

A desperate call for help from the Shenton Park Cat Haven – please, if you can offer any of these cats a temporary or permanent home, let me know at or contact Freedom on her details below. Thanks – please share this story with your friends.

The situation is very urgent for these beautiful girls, they are currently housed in temporary caging in a quarantine area due to their very mild flu symptoms but they can’t stay there for long. After a recent outbreak of flu here at the Haven our foster carers are pretty much full and options are running out. If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking one or both, please let me know ASAP. Thank you!!!

There’s not much I need to say about Bella – look into those big blue eyes and you’ll be hooked! This one is beautiful inside and out, a sweet and gentle girl who was given up by her owners when they sadly could no longer afford to care for her. Bella was surrendered with her friend Skye and we would ideally like to find them a home together, however we are happy to split if you are only wanting one. We do offer a 2 for 1 adoption package, so the adoption price of $150 remains the same whether you take just one or both.

Skye is a sweet and gentle puss, whose owners sadly had to give up her and her friend Bella because they were no longer able to afford to care for them. Skye can be a little nervous in new situations or with lots of people around so would prefer a quiet home where she will get lots of TLC. Skye may not be as pretty as her friend Bella but she is just as beautiful on the inside, please consider giving her a loving home!

Ideally we would like to see these girls go together however time is of the essence for them and if you are able to take on only one, we are happy to separate. If you would like to take both the adoption price remains the same, as we offer a 2 for 1 deal.
Please contact me directly on 0403 152 991 or at if you can offer either Bella or Skye or both a loving home.

Thanks guys!

Freedom 🙂

Animal Action Alerts

Animal Action Alert – 19th Feb 2010


This weeks Alert has a rabbit, 2 kitties, and 2 dogs searching for new and loving homes.  Some of these animals have been hurt or dumped and would so love to have a second chance at a decent life.  It’s always amazing to me how readily animals will forgive and forget – their desire to live, love and have fun runs very deep.  If only we all could have such open and willing hearts!

The sideline of the alerts always has loads of interesting stuff – every edition features a variety of links including; competitions, pet products, cruelty free retailers, book reviews, news stories, healthy recipes and more!

Please enjoy the read but more importantly – please share the Alert with your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins,  workmates, your hairdresser, the baker… you get the idea.  The more people who read and share this alert, the bigger chance the animals have of being rescued.

Thank you for caring for the voiceless – Click here: to view the Alert.

Happy Ending

Urgent Home Needed for Benji-the-Kelpie


Benji is a beautiful fellow, and desperately needs a new home by 15th February! Can you please help by sharing his story – or perhaps consider giving him a temporary or permanent home? Benji has so much love to give. Please help.

Hi Everyone

We are urgently in need of a foster home or permanent home for Benji – a 1 year old male Kelpie. Benji is desperately seeking a new home after being rescued from the pound by a kind lady. He is currently in foster care but they are only able to look after him until the 15th February. After this date, he will have nowhere to go.

Benji is a happy friendly boy who is currently having a whale of a time playing with his female foster sister! He has basic obedience and always comes when called. He’s a lovely boy and will make a great family companion.

Please circulate this message to all of your contacts so we can get the word out this lovely boy.

If you can help, please contact Jeane of Best Friends Animal Rescue on 0415 779 610.

Thank you!

Happy Ending

Davey Dreamboat seeks loving family ASAP


This gorgeous kitty needs a home after being nursed back to health by Freedom at the Cat Haven. She tells his story below:

Little Davey is such a spunk (pictures do him no justice!) He really is the whole package, looks and personality, this boy will make some lucky person very very happy when they take him home. Davey adores being cuddled, when you pick him up he won’t be held any way other than with his arms around your neck or over your shoulder and there’s nothing quite like a kitten that hugs! He’s a talkative fellow but not too demanding, great with the litter tray and not fussy with food. He loves to lick and nibble toes, which is a little weird but terribly endearing and he gets on great with other cats and would love to go to a home where he has a feline friend (though he would be fine on his own too). Being just that little bit older, Davey has the joyous playful nature of a kitten without all the hassles of litter training etc. And on top of all this, Davey is super handsome, a rare liquorice (also called charcoal) tabby with a super soft coat and gorgeous fluffy tail. This fantastic puss is desperately seeking a forever home, if you think you can offer it to him please contact me on 0403 152 991 or
🙂 What are you waiting for??

Davey is 18 weeks of age, a male domestic medium hair. He had a pretty tough start to life and was sick with cat flu and ringworm but he has been with me receivig treatment for 9 weeks and is doing really well now, definitely ready for his forever home.

Thanks so much!
Freedom 🙂

Take joy and kindness everywhere you go!

And don’t eat animals!

37.gifLove Freedom39.gif

Happy Ending



A desperate call for help from Best Friends Animal Rescue..

Hi Everyone

We are urgently in need of a foster home or permanent home for Bronson – an 18 month old male Boxer.

Bronson is desperately seeking a new home as he has been rescued from the pound and we do not have anywhere for him to go having been inundated with surrendered dogs lately. He was such a lovely dog though that we couldn’t turn our back on him.

Bronson is a great dog and deserves a second chance at happiness. He’s a friendly, energetic boy who knows basic obedience commands and would settle into your home with ease. He’s a very playful boy who will make a fantastic family companion.

Please circulate this email to all of your contacts so we can get the word out this lovely boy.

If you can help, please contact Jeane of Best Friends Animal Rescue on 0415 779 610.

Thank you!

Animal Action Alerts

Animal Action Alert – 3rd Feb 2010

When you adopt an animal, you have to wonder - Who's saving Who?

This weeks Alert has 4 cats, 1 dog and 1 horse that are desperately needing forever homes. Plus the Cat Haven is calling out for help with Foster Carers for their adult cats – its easy to do and they provide everything so please consider helping out.

Apart from the lovely animals, there’s loads more in this Alert – competitions to enter, a volunteer job vacancy, armchair activism, delicious biscuit recipe, info on global warming, cruelty free retailers and more – so sit back and enjoy the read.

Oh and please don’t forget to share the Alert with your friends, and invite them to subscribe – the more people we have on our mailing list, the more chances the animals have of being rescued.

Thanks for everything you do for the animals – Click here: to view the Alert.