Maggie: Arrived 2002

UPDATE 3 June 2015

Maggie lived a long life, well loved and cared for, but alas her arthritis, her blindness, her age and a really bad turn one morning in June 2015… well it got us to the point where consideration for her life quality and comfort, along with veterinary advice pointed towards the same sad but necessary conclusion… it was kinder to humanely euthanase her than for her to continue living in constant stress (from her blindness) and pain.

It was with a very heavy heart that we said ‘goodbye’ to our beautiful old girl… the matriarch departs, leaving an empty space never to be filled by another.

We love you Maggie.

Maggie came into our care with Boy, Annie and Mumma, who we believe was her mum. Our Parkerville neighbour handed them over to us when they had to leave their property. After the deaths of Mumma and Annie, Maggie became the oldest ewe and matriarch at Parkerville and then Happy Hooves.

She later bonded with Krusty, Shirley, Ma and Angel who all also made the trip from Parkerville to Gidgegannup in 2012.

When young Alfie arrived in December 2014, he was instantly smitten with Maggie and they remained together until Maggie’s blindness necessitated her being moved into a paddock with one other ewe, but in an attempt to create more familiar surroundings again for her, we moved Alfie back in and they immediately re-bonded and we felt she got some comfort out of Alfie’s presence.




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