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Eloise (pig) Arrived 20th November 2017

Little Eloise was discovered in somebody’s rear garden. She was collected by rangers and taken to the City of Cockburn pound where she was impounded for 11 days. She was advertised, but no owner came forward so they staff contacted us about the homeless piglet.

Eloise was not alone for long, as not long after her arrival we were contacted about another piglet, around the same age. Eloise was soon joined by Camilla, though the introduction did not go as smoothly as we had hoped – they seemed to hate each other!

They started off living in the hospital barn, in enclosures beside each other so they could get used to one another’s presence. They spent short amounts of time together in one yard, before they had to be separated due to fighting. It was a slow process of introduction, but eventually the two became the best of friends.

The girls have recently moved into the newly completed pig paradise extension, where they currently spend there days wallowing in the mud, and cuddling together at night.


Would you like to help us to take care of Eloise?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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Animal RescuesProfiles


Bellamy (sheep) Arrived 15 November 2017

Ten month old Bellamy was discovered running down a country road, with no sheep farms in sight his origin was unknown. He was picked up and taken to Happy Hooves where he was treated for an eye infection.

It didn’t take long for Bellamy to warm to us. He joined the small flock of adolescent sheep, including Oliver, Evie, Harry, Nigel, Fergus and Angus, as well as Jackson the young goat. The group have since graduated to the adult herd of over 60 sheep, where Bellamy is making lots of new friends.


Would you like to help us to take care of Bellamy?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

**  Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary – Where The Good Life Begins  **

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Ivan is Looking for his Forever Home

Location: Perth

Ivan is a lovely little Barnevelder cross feather-footed bantam. He was hand reared along with three other chicks – Ivan is the only male in the little brood.
As his current carers live in suburbia, they are not permitted to keep roosters at their residence. Despite trying different methods to reduce his crows, they are worried that he will be discovered, and authorities will take him away. They are very fond of this little guy and are eager to find him a loving home.

Ivan will be wormed and vaccinated before handover to his new family, and an adoption fee of $20 applies.



NAME:                Ivan

AGE:                  4 months

SEX:                   Male

BREED:              Barnevelder X feather-footed bantam

HEIGHT:             30cm

WEIGHT:             1kg

WORMED:           Yes

DESEXED:          No


TEMPERAMENT:   Happy and friendly.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS:   Roosters are restricted to councils that allow the keeping of them due to the noise they create with their adorable crows. Please be sure to check with your local council before you offer to adopt.


We hope you can help us to help this lovely young rooster .. please fill in the form via the “APPLY HERE” button below if you would like to know more, or offer to adopt.

Special thanks to Rebecca Wiltshire at Shutter Paws for the stunning photos below.



Animal Actionist promotes non breeding of all rescued animals, particularly in the interest of breaking the cycle of unwanted farm animals (most of them males,) that find themselves with little time to find a new home and end up in danger of slaughter. All farm animals adopted via Animal Actionist are intended as family pets, and therefore the same rules that apply for non breeding of cats and dogs, applies to these animals too. If you apply to adopt you thereby agree and are bound to not use this animal for breeding.

All suitable applications are forwarded to the current custodian for consideration, and you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your offer further. Please understand that it may take a few days for us to respond to you depending on the amount of applications received, and it is never a case of first come, first served with animal adoptions, as we have to do our best to locate the absolute best homes for the animals. If you have any problems or further queries, please contact Animal Actionist direct via the “contact us” link. Thank you so much for caring for animals.

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