Krusty (sheep). Arrived 1 January 2011

UPDATE: 2 May 2016
We are extremely sad to announce the passing of one of our original boys, Krusty. We loved you so much baby, and will never forget how you allowed us into your heart whilst you shunned all others. You chose us, and we have been blessed by your love.

This is a video taken of Krusty 4 years ago, not long after he came to live with us. Prior to this he was an “aggressive sheep”. Krusty was no fool, he very quickly assessed the situation and knew it was ok to let his guard down.

[vimeo 49491272 w=500 h=281]

Meet Krusty from Animal Actionist on Vimeo.

Words can’t express how much we’ll miss him.

Rest in peace beautiful, wise, adorable boy.

This is Krusty. He was owned as a pet by another family who feared him as he would chase them across the yard (children & adults alike) and butt them if he could. The family wanted to get rid of him so we offered to help and he came to Happy Hooves with his girlfriend, Angel.

We spent lots of quiet, patient and loving time with Krusty when he entered our care – and the footage in the video shows the eventual change in his attitude towards humans.  It is a heartwarming thing to see an animal who has learned to trust again.  Love can cure anything. ??

The family that surrendered Krusty didn’t do anything wrong to him, so how he got so irritable is a bit of a mystery. They just probably didn’t get close to him. Or maybe the kids annoyed him? Sheep like peace and tranquility.  We don’t know what Krusty’s history holds but as he is an older sheep, it’s likely he has had a few owners during his time and perhaps some were less caring than others. Krusty’s mistrust of men was glaringly apparent when he first came to us, so this has meant that finding another home for him would be challenging, as few would tolerate his irritable ways with the patience and kindness that he needed.   Everyone is happier now that Krusty has come to stay at our place… Krusty most of all!

Would you like to help us to take care any of the other animals still with us?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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  1. Luke Puskaran


    I adopted my red kelpie from Stirling Pound last November.

    He is exceptionally loving, exceptionally active, and I recommend the pound as a brilliant place to adopt a loving friend from.

    He also accepts being bossed by my other dog with very good grace……


    1. animalactionist

      That’s great to hear Luke! Thanks for dropping by and letting readers know about your positive experience.:D I hope your words of encouragement will help anyone who may be a little nervous about taking on a “pound dog”. The folks at Stirling are really helpful too.. so there’s nothing to fear. Cheers!

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