Exquisite Equines

This section is dedicated to finding homes for our beloved horses, ponies, donkeys and anything equine.  Throughout history, humans and horses have had a close relationship and horses have been used by us for just about everything – they help us farm, keep us entertained, provide transport & carry heavy loads for us.  It seems to me that overall, they give us far more than they get in return.. and the amount of neglect cases that come up every year are testament to the unfair deal we have dealt our noble friends.  The equines in these lists will mostly have had a hard life in one way or another – and now’s our chance to give something back.  I hope you can help me find loving, caring and mutually respectful homes for all that are listed here.  It’s the least we can do.

The links work as follows:

  • Featured Horses – will link in to any posts we currently have on the Animalactionist Site. Horse listings are pretty rare so there will be times when you click on this link and there are no entries, but please don’t give up! If that is the case, you can click on any of the other links below to find more equines needing rescue.
  • WA RSPCA Horses – links in to all listings on the RSPCA Adoptapet website for Western Australia only.
  • RSPCA Horses – links in to all listings on the RSPCA Adoptapet website. (Note, search results will be Australia wide)

Thanks for taking the time to look at this page and for considering taking in a needy equine. Please tell your friends about this website.

If you know of an West Australian based rescue group that is not featured in the above link list, please let me know and if possible, I’ll add them in.

Yours in critter luv…. The Animalactionist xx

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