Affable Goats

This section is dedicated to finding homes for the inquisitive, charming and just plain gorgeous … GOATS!

Farmed animals are often overlooked when it comes to “rescue” and “adoptions”, but I like to focus on this particular category of animal who are vastly underestimated in their capacity to  make really great companions.  All farm animals can become great pets.. and one in particular is the happy go lucky goat.  Show me a happy goat and I’ll show you a human who is blessed with sincere friendship, and is entertained every day with antics and frolicking joy. (particularly if that person has 2 goats!)  So long as you keep them away from your washing line (and shoe box, and vege patch, and flower bed…), goats make great companions.  Think of them as a big hairy, mischievous dog that you don’t have to house-train because he lives in your well fenced paddock. 😉

The links in this section work as follows:

  • Featured Goats – will link in to any posts we currently have on the Animalactionist Site. Goat listings are pretty rare so there will be times when you click on this link and there are no entries, but please don’t give up! If that is the case, you can click on any of the other links below to hopefully find a goat in need.
  • WA RSPCA Goats – links in to all listings on the RSPCA Adoptapet website for Western Australia only.
  • RSPCA Goats – links in to all listings on the RSPCA Adoptapet website. (Note, search results will be Australia wide)

Thanks for taking the time to look at this page and for considering taking in a needy goat. Please tell your friends about this website.

If you know of an Australian based rescue group that is not featured in the above link list, please let me know and if possible, I’ll add them in.

Yours in critter luv…. The Animalactionist xx

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