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Foster or forever home needed for cute puppy!

This URGENT call for help comes from SAFE Avon Valley – if you can give Snuggle a temporary or permanent home, please let them know ASAP.

Calling all puppy lovers! (Let’s be honest, who isn’t a puppy lover?!)
We are urgently seeking a wonderful loving family to open their heart and home and provide short-term care for ‘Snuggle.’ He is a kelpie X approximately 3 months of age who is currently sitting in a country pound, which is no place for a baby like this.
At this stage we don’t know a great deal of his background but at his age he is likely to be compatible with other dogs and other animals pending an appropriate introduction. If you are able to provide short-term care (or even adopt him!) please contact SAFE Avon Valley on 0403 152 991.

Take joy and kindness everywhere you go!

And don’t eat animals!

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Animal Rescuesfoster caring

Foster carers needed URGENTLY!

A desperate call for help from Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue – can you please help by fostering a dog in need? You won’t be sorry – fostering is a wonderful way to be part of saving a beautiful life. Here’s all the info from SABBR:

Foster carers needed- Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue Inc is full and desperate for suitable homes

Hi All,

SABBR is in urgent urgent need of more foster carers.
We currently have 45 dogs needing foster and 110 dogs needing homes.
Most are in kennels or temporary care and we can no longer afford the kennel fees to keep them all there much longer so we need people to foster to come forward even if its just a few weeks to a month it will help us out. Those seeking to adopt even better!!

We have:
Staffies, American Staffies, Bull Terriers, Bull Arabs, American Bulldogs and many crosses of these.
Both male and female ranging from 7 months to 12 years from 15kgs to 50kgs.

They make wonderful family dogs and love to cuddle on the couch and the majority are happy with just a casual daily walk around the block and some play time in the backyard. Families, couples or singles with no other pets and secure backyards are encouraged to apply. Full time, part time, work from home and stay at home parents all accepted.

Attached is a poster of our most urgent dogs.

Please email us at sabbrwa if you can foster or call 0405 164 598 10am to 4pm if you can adopt.

Please help by spreading the word or print off the attached flyer. We can not save anymore dogs at this stage because we are over full with dogs.

Thanking you in advance.


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Abandoned or discarded Greyhounds need loving homes

This call for help comes from Greyhound Adoptions WA.  They have several dogs needing rescue, most of which are on very limited time and must find homes urgently!

You can see the full list of Greyhounds needing help HERE.

About GAWA: As a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation, the primary mission of Greyhound Adoptions WA is to rescue and re-home greyhounds. As a rescue group they have a no kill policy and take in dogs which have not made the grade on the track or no longer wish to race and place them in homes where the love and affection they offer can be returned. They also believe it is their job is to educate people as to what a wonderful and loyal pet a greyhound can be and through adoption you will saving that dog from a life which can often be short and unhappy. 

If you can offer a temporary or permanent home to any of these dogs, please contact Toni Donnelly on 0438 601 492. Or alternatively, you can fill in our Expression of Interest Form and we will forward your details to the rescue group.

Please share this post with all your friends to help spread the word for Greyhounds needing help.

Greyhounds are beautiful companion animals for families

Lost & FoundLost Dogs

German Shepherd/Blue Heeler/Dingo X – Lost from Roleystone

This call for help comes via the Desperatepets network. Please keep your eye out for Saxon, and share this post with your friends to spread the word.


My name is Saxon and I am a 4 year old German shepherd/Blue heeler/Dingo X. My collar has my phone number on it. I went missing in Roleystone. Please help me get home.

Please phone 0422 081 898.

Thank you.

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Adopted – Elvis the energetic Coollie needs a great new home


I just received the following great news about Elvis…

“I just last night confirmed we have a new home for Elvis. He is going to live with another Koolie and a Wolf Hound.
The women who is taking him doesn’t work and trials and herds her dogs and is a member of a dog club.
I gave her a complete picture of his pluses but also his problems as the last thing we want is for him to be moved on again.
thanks for all your help.”

Elvis will be living with two dogs, 3 children, 2 adults and enjoy a nice big back yard, followed up with support and training sessions with Suzanne Phillips from Animism.  A wonderful outcome for this sweet boy.  Thank you to everyone who shared his story.

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Sad Outcome – Scooby the Older Gentleman

MAY 2012 – Update from Cat at ZARF.

“To everyone who has been holding out for news on Scooby, it is with a huge amount of sadness to let you know that Scooby has been put to sleep. As I am sure you can imagine, this has been devastating to both his foster carer, and to us as well. I ask that if you have anything that you would like to discuss, I am happy to speak with anyone about this at any time, however, I would appreciate and expect that you will message me directly, and also send out some much needed love and support to his carer right now, who is struggling to cope with this terrible situation. I would also like to request that each and everyone of you, on behalf of Scooby, stand up to your friend, neighbor, colleague etc. who has or is about to given up their pet because they are moving, divorced, going on vacation, etc., or who simply cannot be bothered to care for the animal they made a lifelong commitment to…or should have.
To everyone who helped share Scooby’s story, and to all those who works tirelessly in the rescue community, thank you so much for your continued support.”

Such sad news for this beautiful old boy and the people who tried so hard to save him.  Apparently there were some people who indicated they would be willing to take Scooby on but some were not suitable homes and others never followed through by filling in the applicable adoption application forms.  Cat’s request at the end of her post are the words I would like us all to focus on here.  It really is up to YOU and ME to speak up for animals as they cannot speak for themselves.. and it is we humans who often fail to appreciate how important it is to dedicate ourselves to the long term safe keeping of our “pets”.  People who work in animal rescue (or advertise for them) see how many animals die every day because owners have assumed that their pet will be ok if given to a shelter, or to a reluctant friend.  The reality is that there are far too many abandoned animals and far too few good homes for them to go to. It’s a very hard gig to find a good home for surrendered animals.. especially older ones, or those who have any sort of behavioral problem (which is often why they’re surrendered in the first place).

May Scooby be a reminder to all of us that taking on a pet is a long term commitment, and that we should give this very serious thought before we go ahead and buy that cute puppy (or kitten, or other adorable critter).  May his fate highlight to us that the safety of our pets lie firmly in our ability to fully commit to them, as they do to us.  They trust us completely.  It is our duty and obligation to honour that trust.

For Scooby, and 1000’s like him … we can do better.

RIP sweet angel.

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URGENT Foster Needed – Staffy X


I’m sad to report that regrettably…this dog was put to sleep. 🙁  Vet confirms that she was very aggressive (worse than we thought) and had already been worked with a trainer, etc with no success. She was also exhibiting increasing aggression towards people. Very very sad and maybe, if the right person was available, she may have had a chance of overcoming her problems but we had no time to find anyone – and the current owners had tried everything they could. She was attacking their other dogs constantly, and showing increased aggression towards people too, so everyone was in danger.  

I’m sorry they couldn’t help this little girl, whatever it was that was making her so mad, perhaps something from her past (she was a rescue dog) had caused this to happen.  We’ll never know for sure, and despite our deep desire to give her more time, we could not find anyone who was skilled enough to take her on.  Sadly, her story has ended too soon.  From my heart to hers – I send her love and wish her peace.

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Adopted!! Terribly Neglected and in Need of Foster or Adopt – Male Staffy

***UPDATE 6/11/11***

Great news!  According to petrescue.com ‘Spartakus’ has finally found his forever home – YAY!

This call for help comes from SAFE Avon Valley and is URGENT – please help spread the word for this poor neglected Staffy.

Beautiful sooky older (5ish) Staffy under house arrest. He will be available Thursday 22nd Sept when his impound time is up.
This boy desperately needs a special special Carer as he is in appalling condition. Will have a full vet check to ensure he has demodectic mange which is not catchy – he has barely any coat left, his skin is bleeding & crusty. It’s tragic to see a dog in this condition with untreated painful, itchy skin – he must be going mad. He’s a very sweet boy who like most staffys loves people. Untested with other dogs yet but was very friendly through the cages. This boy so deserves a chance, if you or anyone you know has the time & love to help him on the road to recovery please let us know. At this stage preferably as an only dog because his skin is so fragile any bump makes him bleed.
View his full profile on Pet Rescue here.

Contact Mel on 0409 000 259 / 0408 909 356


I REALLY Need Help!

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