Peppa (pig). 7 November 2014

Peppa’s story prior to be rescued by Homeless & Abandoned Animal Rescue Team (HAART), is largely unknown – where she escaped form or how she came to be in the bush on her own, we will never know. She was picked up by the ranger after being found on a property in the Toodyay area after being sighted for a week in the bush and caught “trespassing”. When found, she was terrified, starving and covered in lice and ticks.

The people who founded HAART looked after Peppa for one month, but they had to find her a forever home on a property that had room for her and other piggy friends to hang out with. She came to Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary, initially as a temporary foster until a permanent place could be found for her, but as time passed and no suitable home could be found, AND as she had bonded strongly with George in particular… here she is – a foster failure and as happy to be here, as we are blessed to have her here.

Peppa and George are very close and they both hang out with Rhonda.


Would you like to help us to take care of Peppa?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.

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