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Bruiser (Mastiff X) has FINALLY found a forever home!


I have great pleasure in being able to announce that Bruiser has FINALLY found a forever home!!!  After a LOT OF HARD WORK by a very dedicated foster carer, Bruiser is much improved and has moved to his new home with the hopes of a bright and happy future.  Special kudos go out to Russ for all your dedication and hard work, and for caring enough to give Bruiser a fair go.  A huge applause goes out to Mel at SAFE Avon Valley too who worked tirelessly in first finding Bruiser a foster home, and then a good adoptive family.  Without these very special people, and people like you who read and share these stories, beautiful dogs like Bruiser would be suffering or dead.  I cannot thank everyone enough for caring so much.  Good luck Bruiser boy – may your days be full of love and happiness from now on! xxx

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Happy Ending

Jacob is very depressed, can you help him?

***UPDATE – 4/12/10***
I have just found out that Jacob has found a foster home – and they may even adopt him if all works out well! Jacob found someone to care for him because people shared this post far and wide – so THANK YOU for helping this gorgeous dog! Please keep reading & sharing our posts… We ARE making a difference! 🙂

Can somebody please offer a temporary or permanent home for this poor depressed boy?

Hi All

Just thought I would send this around as you never know….Please see website description below for one of our APS woofas Jacob. He is a gorgeous dog. Very gentle and such a sweetheart. I walk him all the time at the APS and he is just a beautiful dog. He loves people and he is not doing well at the shelter as he is very depressed and needs a family. If you know anyone that is looking for a new furry friend or would like to foster a dog that is already housetrained and good with dogs/kids etc, please let them know about Jacob.

P.S. His photo attached does not do him justice, he is a very good looking boy, but the look on his face says it all. He is very sad : (

Thanks for reading!




JACOB – male Heeler/Staffy x aged 2 years 

Dear Jacob, is great with other dogs, terrific with children and housetrained. Would make a fantastic furry pal in any family. He is an active dog and would thrive on going for a walk or having a jog with you, some playtime would be nice too.


Medium size

Kind regards
Leona Harding

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Milly the Goat & 2 Sheep Moving to New Home Soon!

***UPDATE 10/12/10***

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to update you all on the situation with these lovely critters.

A very generous lady from Albany has offered to give a home to all three.  She is due to pick them up soon to take them to her large property where Milly, Fatso & Jack will get to play with 3 other goats, as well as Alpacas, donkeys, llamas and some horses too.  We’re so happy that these guys will be going to a dedicated animal rescuer who has experience with headstrong goats (cue Milly!) and knows how much love and attention rescue animals need (many of her existing critters are rescues.)

We also have a couple of backup offers to fall back on in case anything should go wrong – so we are really pleased to announce that because of the DesperatePets/twitter/facebook and blog following community – yes YOU – these guys look like they will be a-ok!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart, Milly’s heart, Jack & Fatso’s and most fervently – from the hearts of the family who had to ask for our help. This means the world to them.
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Happy Ending

Rockingham 12 All Rescued!


All of these dogs were either adopted or placed into rescue care!

This message comes from Bec at Staffy & Bully breed rescue… please help the Rockingham 12!

Hi All,

It was good news last week with all dogs at stirling pound that were urgent being adopted, 4 in total. 🙂

This week though Rockingham Pound is full and some of these dogs have very little chance if not adopted soon, so this is rather urgent for 9 of the 12 dogs of which 3 have rescue backup so far.

If you are willing to foster care one of these dogs please contact us and we will put you in touch with an appropriate rescue who will arrange this with you….most are full up so cannot fit more dogs in unless they have foster carers to help.

Dogs urgent are Impound Numbers: (in order of website appearance from last page back to 1st, bottom right to top left)

976 (male brindle staffy x)
974 (female black kelpie x)
979 (male black ridgeback x)
987 (female tan staffy x)
993 (male Black and white rotti x looks mastiff)
992 (female black and white staffy x)
991 (male black and white border collie x)
990 (male black and tan rotti)- will be safe with Rotti Rescue

989 (female black and tan rotti) – will be safe with Rotti Rescue
988 (male brindle and white mastiff x)- has rescue backup
999 (male tan staffy x)
1001 (female ginger and white husky x)

All dogs are free (apart from registration) to adopt but the dog must be booked into a local vet in the area for sterilisation and vaccination and a Rockingham Ranger will drop the dog you adopt to the vet for you on the day its booked in and then you are required to pick the dog up and pay the cost of the vac and sterilisation.

To Adopt:
Please call Rockingham Pound on 9528 0303
Dog Pound Location: Hurrell Way, Rockingham (on the left of the Community Projects building).
Open Times: 3.30pm – 4.00pm – Monday to Friday (Gate will be open and a Ranger will be in attendance at the pound).

Dogs can be seen on the Rockingham Pound website on the below link.


Extra Info:
Dear Rescuers,

A rather depressing situation at the Rockingham pound with heaps of beautiful, deserving dogs abandoned to their fate… The Rangers are doing the best they can to put off the unthinkable but its a terrible situation. Best if I put it in point form to make it easier to read.

1) Attached are some extra pics of some the Rockingham Pound dogs seeking homes/rescue or foster care (please read image name/ number for appropriate dog and impound number)

2) 993(M) and 992(F/M) who are the Rotti x and Staffy x surrendered to the pound and were housemates. They were surrendered to the pound because the owner has shacked up with a girlfriend who has a cat.

3) 998 The Special Case: Ranger Andrew brought this fellow to my attention: He is a B I G Mastiff X who has been wandering the bush for some time before being taken in. Unfortunately, this chap has a big abcess on his back and has received some primary care and antibiotics but once the tablets run out, that’s it as the council will not pay anymore care costs. I can organise some replacement antibiotics to continue treatment but this fellow needs a sympathetic home to nurse him up again. Very friendly, very big but quite placid and surprisingly quiet. If anyone deserved an “URGENT” tag stuck to their bottoms, it would be him, any help on the Golf Course Mastiff 988 would be great as Andrew would also love to see him saved – along with the rest of us… (we are seeking foster care for this dog)

Kind Regards,
Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue
0405 164 598
Kenwick WA

Perth Pets In Need- Facebook Group
Join us on Facebook to help WAs pets that need our help
WEB: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161490752060#!/group.php?gid=102309459819689

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Sweet Oscar has until Friday to find a home – PLEASE HELP!

*** UPDATE 29/11/10***

It was good news last week with all dogs at stirling pound that were urgent being adopted, 4 in total (including Oscar!). :) Others are still available though so please check the link below and the pounds website http://www.stirling.wa.gov.au./home/services/Pets+and+Animals

This message comes from Staffy & Bully breed rescue group – and City of Stirling Pound. Please note that at least one of these dogs are URGENT and have only until this Friday to find a home. There are some beautiful dogs just waiting to be saved here – could you give one of them the ultimate Xmas gift? Please help if you can.

Hi All,

The Stirling Dog of the Week PDF is now available to view. Please circulate to all your family and friends.

For anyone wanting to foster they can contact our rescue and we are happy to put you in touch with a rescue that would suit the types of dogs you are wanting to foster.

Contact details are below for people wanting to adopt one of these dogs mentioned.

These dogs are urgent as we are full up with dogs at the moment and may not be able to fit all the staffies in….But we know there is loads of staffy lovers out there just waiting for the perfect dog to come along and fill their household with loads of cuddles so perhaps these one of these could be your new companion?. Plenty more staffies to choose from that wil be available soon.

I have been told:

  • Sarj male purebred Staffy is a sweety and has settled down and is very submissive and responsive seems fine with other dogs approx 3-4 years. Sarj is available for $65 including rego as he is sterilised already.
  • Hank male Staffy x is young and seems fine with other dogs and lovely nature, very happy boy about 12-18months.
  • Sam male Great Dane x is a big boy but quite placid and very responsive to training has a fab nature only about 12 months seems fine with other dogs.
  • Basil male kelpie x is only small…prob not a kelpie x but more of a basenji x corgie x about 2 years and a great little man, seems fine with other dogs.
  • Oscar desperately is seeking a home. He is a middle aged staffy man (6-8years) who independant and good with other dogs though can be quite full on with them when he is wanting to play.  He has until Friday 26th of November as he has been held over previously

Please respect that the staff are doing their best to locate the dogs owners and rehome unclaimed dogs.

Prices for rehoming dogs are:

Male / Female Sterilised – $50.00

Unsterilised Male $160.00 / Female $170.00

Puppies(up to 3 months) $185.00 – $195.00

Prices include vaccination, heartworm test and sterilisation for unsterilised dogs. Registration costs are extra.

Please Contact the City of Stirling Animal Care Facility if you would like to adopt.
The Facility is located at 15 Natalie Way, Balcatta. Telephone: 9345 8584
The Facility is open weekdays 2.00pm – 5.30pm and weekends 12.30pm -1.30pm. http://www.stirling.wa.gov.au./home/services/Pets+and+Animals

Kind Regards
BecStaffy and Bully Breed Rescue
0405 164 598
Kenwick WA
WEB: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161490752060#!/group.php?gid=102309459819689

dog of week flyer 25nov-2dec.pdf

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EBONY: Foster & forever home found for poor orphaned cat

***UPDATE 10/12//10***

Great news! Ebony found a temp home until Jan 2nd.  Woohhoooo for Ebony!!! 😀


***UPDATE 27/11//10***

Good news and bad.  Someone from the Water Corp has offered Ebony a home, but she can’t do it until after 2 January as she will be away.  Ross needs to find somewhere within the next 2 weeks.  Can anyone please offer Ebony a temporary home until 2nd Jan??


Can anyone please help Ebony by offering to adopt or at least foster her for a while? An animal of this age is in real danger of being put down if sent to a shelter. Please contact Nancy on email below if you think you can help.

Sent: Tuesday, 23 November 2010 7:33 AM

This poor little orphaned pussy is 10 yrs old and her owner has been taken to a nursing home. She is being fed by neighbours, but she’ll be taken to the RSPCA if a forever home isn’t found very soon. If anyone is able to foster her it would also help. Could you please circulate this SOS to your contacts.

Please contact Nancy Hartshorn email: oznjh@hotmail.com if you can help.