Lizzie, Ethel and Kevin

Lizzie, Ethel and Kevin (sheep – Wiltshire cross). Arrived 27 September 2015

Lizzie and her twin lambs were found at a semi rural weekend market with about 26 other ewes and lambs bound for immediate slaughter if not purchased. Lizzie was extremely emaciated and unable to feed her lambs – she kept kicking them away or pulling away from them and the lambs, clearly hungry, would try to feed from any other ewe in their pen only to be rejected again and again.

Their release was negotiated by some caring people who happened to be at the markets that day, but very tragically, the other 26 mothers and their offspring would not have the same good fortune.

Although too weak to even get a proper “baa” out, Lizzie was fiercely protective of her lambs and obviously stressed by the necessary handling to get them all into a vehicle to transport them safely the 90 km to Gidgegannup. Upon arrival they were unloaded into a safe isolation area with clean bedding straw in a shelter for them, fresh water and quality hay to eat.

Due to the ordeal of being transported to market (and having feed and water withheld), spending all day in a pen, being caught and transported another 90 km to a strange place, they were all clearly distressed and exhausted. Kevin was very quiet, lacking energy and barely eating, so he was given antibiotics, and along with Lizzie and Ethel, B1 and B12 shots, Colovet (vitamin and mineral tonic and appetite stimulant) and Vytrate (for dehydration). He improved a lot in just a couple of days. We are keeping a close eye on all of them to ensure they enjoy the best of health and longest lives (like ALL our flock).

It is a beautiful thing to see this mother allowed to spend the remainder of her life watching her children grow in a safe and loving environment where they will never have to worry about feed, water or an uncertain fate.

We welcome this family to our family at Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary.




Would you like to help us to take care of Lizzie, Ethel and Kevin?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals.


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