Little Tyke

Little Tyke (sheep – Shorthorn). Arrived 5 September 2015


This tiny lamb was surrendered to us by a hobby farmer whose ewe gave birth to twins – she abandoned this male lamb and he received no vital colostrum from his mum. The owner was really keen to see the little guy make it, but didn’t have the time and know how to give him the care and around the clock attention he needed, so he brought him to us… what a great guy!

He was nursed through his first four days of life with substitute colostrum and two-hourly feeds and administered B vitamins and antibiotics after consulting with vet; we also had to force feed him to ensure he was getting enough nutrients into him, as he was just not interested in suckling from teated bottle – we weren’t sure he was going to make it. It was kind of a roller coaster ride of him doing well and feeding, then lethargic and not so well, then OK again… for four days, pretty much 24 hours per day.

When he developed scours (diarrhoea) on day three we gave him electrolytes to help with hydration, but we felt he was not taking in enough formula and we took him to the vet for a consultation and check-up. Vet said he was doing well, gave him a shot of a long-acting, broad spectrum antibiotic and something for his scours.

Day 5 and Little Tyke seems so much better – loving his bottle and much more energy – even playing a game we like to call “noggin!” where he head-butts your fist, and having little mini-gambols outside. His poo is almost back to normal too!

Our fingers are crossed that his improvement continues and this gorgeous little guy is over the worst and can look forward to a long and happy life at his new forever home here at Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary.


[wpvideo 3Exfcyuv]
Day three outside excursion
 [wpvideo cdGkpWIt]
Getting stronger!

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