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Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary

In 2012, my hubby (Ric) and I purchased an amazing property in the Perth Hills on 150 glorious acres of pasture and natural bushland.  The property is called “Kookaburra” and it is magical.. full of tranquil dams brimming with bird-life, majestic gums and imposing jarrahs, rolling pasture and leaf-strewn woodlands.  Rabbits have made a veritable “Watership Down” zone in amongst one of the Olive Tree groves, and kangaroos graze amongst the trees.  Native animal life is everywhere – the sense of peace is almost palpable on this earthly slice of paradise.  The property was set up for farming, with some dodgy stables, a cattle crush, and mostly rickety fencing dividing the paddocks.  A beautiful windmill pumps dam water up to the tank that goes on to fill various water troughs around the place.  This place was once a working farm no doubt… most likely raising cattle and sheep for the sale-yards – along with crops of hay from the hayfield.  When we first laid eyes on the farm, we immediately saw an alternative use for it … we had a vision of a beautiful sanctuary that raised and cared.. healed, loved and protected.  This was certainly going to be a farm with a difference.  We envisioned animals that were neglected, lost, hurt, bound for slaughter or plain unwanted… finding their way home to us, where they could realise a life that all living creatures wish for.  One of peace, and on it’s own terms, a free life – as free as it could be anyway.  That was and is our dream.. we see this place as a Farmed Animal Sanctuary.

It has been our passion to help needy animals since 2008, and during this time, we have helped quite a few farm and domestic animals.  One of our better known rescues is the much loved “Timmy The Lamb” from Facebook fame.  You can read his story on the link to his page – it’s well worth a read and has touched the hearts and minds of over 3000 fans so far, not only here in Australia but all over the world.  This story of one man’s fateful encounter with an orphaned lamb and the resulting rescue and loving bond that developed has been very popular, and has been a catalyst for enabling us to reach more people with our message of hope for farm animals just like this adorable little guy. Timmy – the courageous and heart-meltingly cute orphaned lamb – is only one of many animals who have a story to tell.  You can check out the tales of some more of our current rescues on this page, there are not many here at the moment but we will be uploading more resident profiles as soon as we can, so please bookmark our site or subscribe to updates if you would like to read more as we post them.

Our dream of establishing a sanctuary for the animals whom are most often overlooked due to their commodity status, is slowly but surely becoming a reality.  For now, the project is a relatively small and private one – but happily we are now hosting visits by appointment, and we have volunteer days set up for those who wish to help us care for the animals and the property they live on.  There is a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities or other ways to help us.

So for those of you who enjoy a happy ending, who love these gentle creatures and wish to see them live in a place of peace and safety – stay tuned and we hope to see you soon.  In the meantime… please follow this blog and from time to time, you may wish to share a few of our stories with your friends – to help us spread the idea of compassion and love for all animals.

With love from Maree – the Animal Actionist

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Want to support our work?

You can help us achieve our rescue goals by contributing in a couple of different ways.  Choose your favourite method below (more will come in due course). All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

  • Make a donation via direct deposit to our charity account –

Animal Actionist Ltd
BSB: 086492
ACCT: 844718223

  • Purchase and send us items we need via our online WISHLIST.  This list will grow and change as our needs will.

CLICK to view Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerSpot

* Animal Actionist Ltd (ABN: 55167547346) is a registered non-profit/charity with ACNC as of 21/1/14.  Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary is an Animal Actionist Ltd initiative. 

Want to contact us or arrange a visit? Please send an email using this form:

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6 Sheep & 2 Alpaca’s have come to play!

Today we picked up a new group of critters for our sanctuary. These beautiful animals came from a family who are going through some very challenging times and they could no longer keep their beloved gang. I usually blanch when I hear this, always thinking that SURELY the family could MAKE it work for the sake of the animals… but in this case and with this particular set of circumstances – I completely understand. The lady who loves these animals has taken extremely good care of them and she loves them like children. I know she will be feeling very sad tonight as she sits in her hospital bed, knowing that her friends have been taken away. Some of these animals she reared from very young – and one of them – Mary – is particularly tame and a close friend to her. The one thing that makes this whole sad story a little brighter (for the lady) is that she was desperate that they should all stay together, so they would not be so traumatized by this inevitable change, and so they have found their way to us.

Well.. they didn’t find us… we picked them up today in our shiny new horse float! (I’m SO GLAD we went ahead and got this float, even though it was an expensive investment, it has been so very handy!)  We managed to get them all in (after much cajoling, easing, pushing, shepherding, yelling, cooing, sweating) and after saying our goodbyes to the lovely man who helped us, we set off on our journey home. They travelled well and we only needed to stop once, so I could go check on them to relieve the intense anxiety that was building in me, at every bump and turn.  Clearly I was the only one getting stressed – as I peered in the window and observed them all standing there looking at me with questioning looks on their faces, whilst they chewed.  “How come we’ve stopped?” their eyes asked.  Sorry gang – I’ll leave you to it.

Upon arrival at our place they were rather nervous to step out onto the new patch, and it took us a while to get the alpaca fellas to lead the wooly gang out.  But in the end, out they came and walked exactly where they needed to go with little fuss or bother.  What a well behaved crew this is!  If they were my goats, we would have been faced with much more mayhem and escape attempts, I’m sure!

My gang were intrigued to see who the newcomers were, so I let them in to the adjoining yard.  There was much staring, stomping, creeping up and running away, peering around corners and loud “who the hell are you”‘s going on.

I usually feed my crew separately as the horses and goats are such gutses that the sheep barely get a nibble.. but with the newcomers in the stable yard where separate feeding is possible, I had to try to feed my gang all together. My god, what a disaster.  Suffice to say that it is just not possible to feed this lot in one yard – even if you spread 4 feeding bins from one end of the LARGE yard to the other – the horses and the goats manage to be everywhere at once and the sheep barely get a look in.  Ratbags!  I sorted it in the end, but not before I had ran the length of the yard at least 6 times, cajoled and then gently shoved two twisting & bunting goats out a gate, and run after the horses with a bucket.

In sharp contrast, I put two bins of feed down in the stable yard with the newbies and they all quietly walked up and congenially shared their feed with each other.  Ahhhh… what angels. Perhaps the stress of the journey has made them unusually cooperative, but somehow, I think these guys are used to peace and mutual respect.  My smile lingers and then slips into a worried frown… “I hope they can handle my lot!”

Meanwhile in the adjoining yard; “MAAAAAAAAA!!!!” THUD!!! There goes my precious goats again.

The newbies observe the new surrounds.
Introducing Jack & Julio (Alpacas) and Minty, Lucy, Lily Lamb, Mary, Kath & Kel. <3


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Guest Blogger.. Say Hi To Ramona

Hey everyone, I have joined forces with a lovely lady who is an excellent writer, and an avid animal lover.  Allow me to introduce you all to the passionate & delightful, Ramona Janssen!  *applause!*

‘Mona’ has graciously agreed to write periodic blog posts discussing all things relating to animal rights, veganism, compassion, health … the list goes on and on.   Anything that affects animals and our world are topics that Ramona has a keen interest in, and I’m sure you will find her posts poignant and thought provoking.  An immense animal lover from childhood, Mona has always felt deeply for the suffering of our non-human friends – but like all of us, it took her a while to fully realise just how exploited so many are, and her unwitting complicity in it all.  This first entry is an introduction to what you can expect to see in the coming weeks, and explores her journey and thoughts on animal exploitation & veganism.

Enjoy.  Over to you Mona….

Hello to everyone, and welcome to my first blog post.

Veganism is rising.  It was a whisper, then it was a presence, and now there is an undeniable quickening as more human beings awaken to this incredibly rewarding life choice.  If there was ever anything wrong about being vegan, it was that there were too few of us – and that is rapidly changing.

There is something about being vegan that transcends a choice in diet; it is also a philosophy, a freedom, a connection, a relief and a state of joy.

Without doubt, choosing to become vegan is the single best thing I have ever done, and I would like to share my passion for it, tales and opinions and joy and humour – with you.  The list of potential topics is vast, but includes “Shiny, Happy Vegans”, “It’s Not all About the Food.  But omg, the Food”, “Vegans vs Vegos (in the Nicest Possible Way)” and responses to current affairs.

Initially I will blog every one to two weeks.  Thank you Maree, for hosting my blog – you are awesome.  And you’re vegan, which means you are even more awesome.  How awesome can one little dynamo package of critter-mad human be?  Humans don’t come any better than you.

And so to begin, I think the best way is:

Why Am I Vegan?  The Evolution of the Mones.

Some humans eat meat.  Some do not…..

Year: 1989.

Scene: Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia; a frustrated Communications student (I wanted to do art, dammit), I got involved with Animal Liberation on campus.  They were screening a documentary called “Hidden Crimes”, which was ostensibly about animal experimentation.  The gradual revelation of brutal and shocking acts committed by my fellow humans on my fellow beings was nothing short of deeply disturbing.

But somewhere amongst the various scientific experiments, the filmmaker had cut in footage of the slaughter of a cow.  I can’t remember whether the doomed one was male or female; I will refer to her in the feminine.  It is 22 years since I saw the footage, and this is how I remember it:

She was brown and beautiful and looked straight into the camera.  A man took aim with a rifle and shot her in her head.  Next she was hoisted by her hind legs until she dangled; a man then cut her throat and jumped back as the blood gushed out.  The man walked around her hanging body, cutting with a sawing action, severing her head.  Somewhere in all this, as she hung upside-down, her front leg moved in an arc, and it was not the result of anything moving it other than her.

In a short time all that was left of her was a hanging lump of meat.

In amongst all the cruelty in scientific experiments, the gravest offences against those who cannot speak our human language, it is possible that the slaughter of that cow disturbed me the most in its sheer vileness.

I remember being horrified, overwhelmed by the wrongness of it all.  The girl next to me was sobbing.  After the documentary ended I went to a toilet and sat in the cubicle, dazed, shattered.  I was filled with revulsion and shame, and then realised that something in me had changed, had shifted or perhaps just surrendered.  When I arrived at my flat later, my Mum was there and had cooked fillet steak for dinner; I remember her being rather annoyed at me when I advised her I was not going to eat it and in fact, I was going vegetarian.  This should have been no surprise to her, considering I had made a number of half-hearted attempts at going vego during my childhood/teens (without support from my well-meaning parents).

Even though I still enjoyed the taste of it at that time, I stopped eating red meat and became a white meat carnivore (which, let’s face it, is a more honest term than “red meat vegetarian”!).  It was only a few weeks before I made myself a chicken sandwich on rye.  I put it in my mouth and it was as though I had taken a bite of sawdust.  It had happened.  I had moved to the next stage without really noticing.  All meat was eliminated from my diet.

As I thought about it, I realised I was opposed to animals being killed so that I could eat them or wear them.  In hindsight I didn’t do much research about it, but it seemed fair enough to me from what I knew.  So the next things to go were leather and silk – fur was never an issue because it always seemed inherently wrong to me.  I started by deciding to never buy leather or silk again, but I kept wearing those leather shoes I still had in my wardrobe.  I shopped compassionately, choosing cruelty free soaps and stuff.  I still enjoyed eating eggs, cheese and yoghurt.

The internet arrived and suddenly there was far more information readily available about everything, including factory farming, the truth about the dairy industry and the egg industry, inhumane practices that are considered normal as part of animal husbandry; the list is long, comprehensive and revolting.

Fast forward to June 2006.  At this point I was happily vegetarian, and looking forward to being in the audience at a Peter Singer lecture at the University of Western Australia.  I understand he rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but there is no denying that he has a gift for asking the uncomfortable questions with clear reasoning.

At some point in the evening he spoke about the dairy industry and what happens to the babies.  Yes, babies.  Calves are babies; innocent, desperate to suckle, and in need of their mother’s love.  Despite this, they are torn from their mothers shortly after birth so that humans can feed on the milk that was meant for them (i.e. the calves).  The heifers are raised in nurseries to become part of the dairy herd, and the young males who are not kept for breeding purposes are usually kept alive for three to four months to end up as veal, or fattened to be slaughtered as yearlings.

I knew all of this, yet somehow had managed to continue consuming dairy right up till then.  As Peter Singer talked, I was transported back to a holiday in the South West of Western Australia, when I had been witness to the most awful bovine bellowing.  It was explained to me that the sorrowful, panicking sound was the mother cows calling for their babies who had been taken from them and that it would go on indefinitely.  Suddenly whatever it was that I had been protecting myself with just fell away.  No more denial, just a definitive decision to be something better than the cause of that tragedy.

Thank you, Peter Singer.  I walked into your lecture a vegetarian, and walked out vegan.

Well, almost.  We have rescued ex-battery chickens on our property, and have learnt much from them – including the fact that even if we ask them not to, the chooks who still lay eggs will do so on mostly a daily basis.  I kept on eating my beloved chooks’ bumnuts (although I noticed that they were starting to taste oddly bitter), while working on convincing my partner, Jiffy, to consider becoming “vegan” too.  He resisted bravely, until a friend of ours convinced him to watch Earthlings.  I chose not to watch it, knowing full well I would end up a blubbering mess, so I went to bed.  I was gently woken up by Jiff after he’d watched it, and he said, “I finally understand where you are coming from.  I don’t want to be part of that anymore.  I am going vegan.”

“We’ll still eat our chooks’ eggs, right?”

“No, I want to do this properly.”

And so it was somewhere around the beginning of the southern spring of 2006 that two new vegans were born.  That’s when the fun started – and I really do mean fun, although I won’t be writing about that here today.

The point of this article is to tell a story of one person’s journey from eating meat to veganism.  I ate meat until my 26th year.  I was vegetarian for 17 more.  Now I look back and acknowledge that although I choose to not waste time with regret, if there was anything I could regret about this, it is that I have not been vegan my entire life.

If you are considering becoming vegan – it is a wonderful, amazing life choice and you will only truly understand this once you choose it.

What are you waiting for?

For the critters

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Seeking Volunteers to Help Lost & Homeless Animals – Perth Hills

Can You Please Help?.

From: Nikki Spijkman <>

Hi everyone, I am searching for someone in the Mundaring shire to take over my volunteer “job” of managing the noticeboards with the flyers for rehoming of dogs (and cats) as well as dogs/cats lost, as well as ads searching for foster carers.

I’m returning back to Uni pretty soon and wont be able to keep up the job of posting flyers and managing them in the Mundaring shire. I will still keep the Kalamunda shire covered, as I live in Kalamunda.

I am looking for a dedicated person(s) who I can email flyers to, and who can do the driving around, post up the flyers on the various noticeboards, take down old flyers, repost flyers whose tabs are all taken etc. I always leave a board looking tidy, making sure the flyers are eye-catching in a good position and tidy up old flyers that are past their duedate.

The addresses where I post the flyers are :
– Darlington deli (opposite the oval)
– Darlington post office (board outside next to P/O)
– Glen Forrest 2 boards, one on the wall of the art shop, one on the wall of the IGA
– Mundaring 2 boards, one at Woollies, one at Coles
– Stoneville post office (outside)
– Mt Helena IGA, also check that Mt Helena Post office board is back in function again
– Chidlow 2 boards, one at post-office, one inside IGA
– Wooroloo post office
– Gidgegannup board outside wall of bakery

This could also be a “job” for multiple people, each covering one or more boards. All that I have used for this “job” is a colour printer, highlighters (orange, red, pink) to make the flyer stand out, and sticky tape (for some boards) and pins.

Anyone who is interested in taking on this “job” can contact me on 0406-250505 or 9293-3000

Thanks so much,


Animalactionist site – 2010 in review

Well, according to WordPress this blog did really well last year – and that’s fantastic news for the many critters that are so needy of our help.  I want to thank each and every reader of this blog for helping make our very first year so great – without you my dear readers, this blog would be nothing!

I have some exciting plans for 2011 – the blog will be “morphing & evolving” all year as I continue to tweak and redesign how I want this site to look and behave.  My ultimate goal is to create a fantastic portal website for West Australians to find animals needing help in one place.  If I can link in to loads of local rescue listings, as well as find a way to “auto post” the MANY animals I receive in my email box every single day – this website will be a constant bevy of activity that will be up to date, and super HANDY for anyone wanting to foster or adopt.   As always, I am very open to suggestions and advice from you – so please do post your comments so we can create the ultimate Animal Action website in Australia! 🙂

Meantime, enjoy the read below – check out how we went last year and watch as we shatter these records next year!!

Yours in critter love… The Animalactionist xx

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 5,900 times in 2010. That’s about 14 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 52 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 60 posts. There were 134 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 59mb. That’s about 3 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was September 11th with 234 views. The most popular post that day was 2 Border Collies found a home at last!.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for best friends animal rescue perth, city of stirling pound, stirling dog pound, save dog urgent, and 0403792598.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


2 Border Collies found a home at last!September 2010
4 comments and 1 Like on,


Leon found a home at last…April 2010


Dogs at Stirling Pound need our URGENT helpJuly 2010


Animal Action AlertsOctober 2009


Several dogs needing adoption at Stirling Pound – URGENT!April 2010


Animalactionist Blog has had a Makeover

How Do I Look?

Hi everyone! I’ve been working hard at tweaking this blog-site – trying to create a top level resource of animals available for adoption in Perth, Western Australia. I am still very much in developmental stages here and will continue to change things around until I’m happy with the outcome… there is much to do!

Meantime, I wanted to explain a few of the changes and how you can use them. Apart from the obvious change in look and layout, the main change I would like to draw your attention to is the menu bar at the top where you will see many drop-downs.  Here’s a quick explanation of the main ones:

Pet Adoption

Click on this and you’ll see all the animals I have posted that are currently available (as far as I know) for adoption. You can then click on Cats/Dogs/Horses, etc to look at only those types of critters. I also have sub categories under some of the animals where I provide direct links to animal rescue sites with pets available for adoption. I’m currently only linking in to Western Australian listings but if my readers would like me to link in to Australia wide listings – please let me know and I’ll see if I can do that without making it too hard to find local animals. If you have a website that features WA animals needing adoption and would like me to link to your site, please let me know. For the pet shopper… these listings and links should provide a very easy way to find animals needing their help, in real time.

There’s also a Foster Me section where all foster posts are available for viewing.  If you’re keen to foster a pet to buy them precious time, this is the tab for you!

Happy Endings is a lovely place to visit to see just how many animals are being saved – it’s soul food baby!

Animal Action Alerts is a link to the e-newsletters that are created periodically showcasing several animals available for adoption and including lots of interesting links on such topics as  environmental issues, animal rights, green living, social justice, recipes, product reviews and more.  These e-newsletters are an education and a great way to get the word out for the most needy animals.  Best of all,  it’s free to subscribe!  I hope you enjoy them.

Lost Cats & Lost Dogs

These tabs feature only the animals I have blogged about so far.. but I plan to provide some extra external links when I find them.  If you know of Perth web-based listings of lost animals, please let me know the URL so I can link to them.

Conscious Consumer

This link shows you all posts I have done relating to environmentally friendly and animal friendly topics.  The subcategories give you extra info on the various topics relating to ethical shopping.

Beauty links to any product reviews I have done, and also provides some sub categories of other product reviewers.  Again, if you know of some good websites that review cruelty free beauty products, please do let me know so I can expand on this topic.

Choose Cruelty Free links straight to the Choose Cruelty Free website that has a comprehensive list of all Australian companies that have been accredited as authentic Cruelty Free producers.  This is an invaluable resource that I refer to constantly – I hope you find it helpful too.

Cruelty Free Shop is an online Australian store that sells all vegan (completely cruelty free) products.  I will expand on this link area too in the near future to include other online retailers.

Recipes tab links to recipes I’ve blogged about and the sub categories link to external sites that feature cruelty free recipes.

Veganism tab links to any posts I’ve written relating to the topic or concept of veganism or animal rights.  The subcatergories are either to external resources or break down my posts into topic specific filters.

Recommended Books

This section provides links to books that expand upon all the concepts covered in this blog and/or in the Animal Action Alerts.  They will primarily cover Animal Rights, Environmental Issues, Lifestyle and Diet.. but this will be an ever evolving lineup.  I plan to build on this section considerably and to also introduce a Recommended Movies section too.

A quick note on external links – With the exception of the Vegan Product List (which is a group I created on Facebook), I have no direct affiliation with any of the external links I provide.  I’m including them on this site because I have either used them, know they do a great job or they provide good information on the topics this blog tries to address. For the pet related external links I’ve included them in an attempt to provide a “one-stop” resource for those seeking an animal to rescue.

So – what do you think?  Please do leave some feedback here so I can learn from you.  I want to provide a website that is functional and applicable to YOU my dear animal loving friend.  I am open to all feedback – contructive critisism is vital so please don’t be afraid to tell it like it is.  I hope you enjoy the new layout and look forward to hearing from some of you.

Yours in critter love…

Maree (Animalactionist!)

Animal Action AlertsIntroductions

Animal Action Alert Tab

Be sure to click on the Animal Action Alert tab to learn about what we’re doing to help abandoned and/or abused Perth animals.  To see the latest edition of the Action Alerts, click on the archive link on the right side of this page – we create a new one at least once a week – sometimes more – so if you’re thinking of taking in a new pet, please PLEASE consider any of the wonderful animals featured on the alerts.