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Bean & Sweet Potato Chilli Hot-Pot

We ate ours before I remembered to take a photo - so this pic is "borrowed" from VegWeb

I just tried another BRILLIANT recipe from It was extremely tasty and hearty – I tweaked the recipe just a tiny bit and the results were very nice indeed! Check out the recipe at

Oh and here are my recipe “tweaks” – just in case you want to replicate my efforts. 🙂

I used a tin of 4 bean mix which contained Kidney Beans, Butter Beans, Lima Beans & Chickpeas

I added a few small carrots (sliced)

I added season all salt mix (to taste)

When I layed the pie mix into the casserole dish, I dusted the top with white pepper before adding the breadcrumbs and vegan cheese.

Results were sooo good – full of flavour and really hearty. Thanks again Forks High!!

via Animalactionist’s Blog | Bean & Sweet Potato Chilli Hot-Pot.

Ethical EatsRecipes

Banana Shake Green Smoothie

I just concocted this delicious green smoothie so I thought I’d quickly type up the recipe for you all to try and enjoy. This smoothie is quite sweet and tastes just like a banana thick shake (although you can make it thinner with extra milk or water). If you don’t like your drinks too sweet, maybe skip the dates and taste test it… if not sweet enough add them in one at a time till you’ve got the sweetness you like.


1.5 generous handfuls of baby spinach (fresh or frozen)
1 medium banana (fresh or frozen – well ripe is best)
10 raw cashews
1.5 tablespoons flax meal (ground up linseed – this ingredient is optional)
2/3 cup soy milk (or more if you want)
2 inch slice of fresh pineapple (skin and core removed)
3 raw dates (pips removed)
1/3 cup water (or more – to achieve desired thickness)
1 tbsp muesli mix


In a high powered blender place all ingredients (except water and dates) and blend until smooth – there should be no fibrous “bits”

If consistency is too thick, add the water until you achieve the thickness you like. (you can opt to add more soy milk if you prefer). Taste test.. is it sweet enough? If not, add the dates until you’re happy with the flavour.

Pour into glass, sprinkle spoon full of muesli on top, and drink.  YUM YUM.

  • This recipe provides you with a good dose of greens (calcium, vitamin K), lots of fibre (because you blended the whole fruits and veg right into the drink), omega 3 (from the flaxmeal) and heaps of vitamins, healthy fats and minerals. Now you’re ready to face the day!