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Why vegan travel and what the hell is vegan travel anyway?

Good question – whilst many people nowadays think deeply about the products they buy, the food they eat and the businesses they support so as to encourage cruelty free practices and to “do our bit” for the environment and animals.. travel options rarely come into this thought process.  Maybe it’s because we have the mindset that we’re going on a holiday so lets just “take a break”, leave reality behind for a while and just indulge ourselves.  Well of course we do and you know what, we DESERVE to have time out – we all work hard, have crazy schedules and commitments coming out of our ears so taking time out for ourselves is super important.  But you know what… taking a holiday and finding out that the destination I chose, or the restaurant I went to, or the products I purchased, or the tour I took was deeply connected with human or animal exploitation, with environmental degradation or copious waste.. really puts a bummer on the holiday mojo for me.  I work hard to do the right thing as often as possible by the earth and it’s inhabitants, so taking a holiday that is in complete conflict with how I like to live my life leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

That’s why I’m psyched to see that more and more travel options are popping up for the conscious consumer… from Eco-tourism, to volunteering, to vegan restaurants, healing retreats and animal sanctuary’s… there are some great things we can do and enjoy whilst taking that much needed holiday, that gives back just as much as we take. That’s why I wanted to create a list of vegan friendly holiday destinations/resources… because if it’s vegan friendly, it’s definitely going to be animal friendly… and 9/10 it’s going to be local community friendly, environmentally friendly, and mind & body friendly.

So, for all of us who want to feel good beyond the holiday (and that’s all of us!) I have begun creating a list of vegan travel resources and destinations on my Facebook group – “Australian Complete Vegan Product List”.  You can see the growing list here.

I’ve also blogged about a few in more detail right here on this site.  I did this because these ones really appeal to me and I thought you may want to know about them too.. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on them. 🙂  I will be adding to this list from time to time –  so if you do find my ramblings interesting, you can subscribe to the feed to be notified of any new posts.

Let’s work together

If you know of any great vegan friendly holiday destinations, accommodation, tours, packages, etc… please join our Facebook group and post your suggestions under the travel destinations category, or leave your feedback here in the comments section of this post.  This will be an evolving and growing list for all to use and participate in, and I hope that together, we can make a truly comprehensive and helpful “cruelty free” travel guide, that is good for us and the wider world we live in and above all, embraces compassionate and mindful choices.

Now….. where did I put my suitcase? 😀

Travel DestinationsVegan Product Lists

Vegan Caribbean Cruise – OMG!

Now THIS looks like sheer heaven to me!!!

I recently went on a cruise on the P&O Pacific Sun (Australia/Indonesia cruise) and whilst they tried to cater for me, it was highly incovenient most of the time as I was forced to eat in the main dining room for every meal, and I had to pre order my meals every day to give them time to prepare it.  I was restricted to only a few options compared to the rest of the travellers who had dozens of options which changed every day… plus they could dine at the buffet, pizzeria, or even go to the much lauded “Steak House Restaurant”.  Let’s not forget that I was paying just as much as every other passenger for my ticket on this cruise, and for me (and most travellers I imagine) the food is such a very important facet to an enjoyable holiday.  Having to eat in the dining room all the time often meant I was separated from my travel companions as they chose to eat at the buffet or anywhere else they pleased.  It was frustrating to say the least, and really did detract from the overall experience.  On top of that, there were cooking classes (if you wanted to cook with meat, or cheese, etc..) and lots of other non vegan stuff that I had no interest in supporting.  I couldn’t even enjoy the Spa fully as they used products I was not sure were cruelty free (and some I knew weren’t)… I eventually did end up using the spa under the reassurance that the products they were using were completely cruelty free.. then I found out later that one of the products was from a different company that tests on animals!!  GOD DAMMIT… why can’t I have a beautiful holiday without supporting industries that torture animals?!?  It shouldn’t ever be this hard to do the right thing.

If you care about the Earth, animals, the environment and your health – this Vegan Caribbean Cruise can help you unwind, relax, get pampered, informed and take you on a gastronomic adventure whilst never compromising your values and compassion.  FANTASTIC!

Here is a little excerpt from their website about the cruise:

For most vegan travelers, cruising is a daunting if not impossible vacation option. Many of the vegetarian options on traditional cruise ship menus use cheese and butter, or other dairy products, which makes eating vegan while cruising a real nightmare. Holistic Holiday at Sea, a holistic health educational foundation, has created the Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise to provide a cruise option for vegans and vegetarians. Each day aboard the seven-day vegan cruise, the guests will dine on specially prepared macrobiotic inspired gourmet vegan meals. The directors of the program bring several well-known vegan and macrobiotic chefs, including executive chef Mark Hanna, to oversee the preparation of the vegan meals onboard the cruise.

More than Just Vegan Meals, an Educational Vegan Cruise

Holistic Holiday at Sea’s vegan cruise program offers a lot more for vegan travelers than just vegan meals. The cruise is an all-encompassing educational experience with over 120 classes, workshops and lectures. These classes cover a wide range of holistic health topics including yoga and Pilates, vegan and macrobiotic cooking classes, massage, meditation, integrative medicine and much more. Many of the classes have a broad appeal, while others are tailored for a vegan audience.

For me, this is definitely going onto my “travel bucket list”.  If you have been on one of the vegan cruises before, we would LOVE to read your feedback – so please post your comments here.

For more information about the Cruise – visit here:  Vegan Cruise – Eat Vegan Meals and Take Vegan Cooking Classes aboard a Caribbean Cruise.

Travel DestinationsVegan Product Lists

Vegan Travel Destination – Normandy, France

I just found this pretty little place – called LA MAISON DU VERT which is a Vegetarian/Vegan Hotel and Restaurant in Normandy, France.

Situated in a stunning valley with 3.5 Acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, it looks like the perfect place to hide away, for a relaxing holiday or short break.

They have a Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant proclaiming a “delicious gourmet menu” using ingredients from their own gardens. They also offer a wide range of French Organic Wines, local Ciders and Beer.

Offering 3 rooms in the hotel, and a cottage in the hotel grounds called ‘La Petite Maison Blanche’ which sleeps up to 6 people (the cottage comes highly recommended by this “Vegan Travel Guide“.)

This little place looks gorgeous and seems to be set in a very picturesque area, close to pretty towns & markets – and less than an hour away from the coast resorts of Honfleur, Deauville and Trouville.

If anyone has ever been to this Hotel, I would love to read your feedback.  This little gem is going on my “travel bucket list”, it looks divine and I could really see myself settling down with a glass of vegan wine & reading a book at that pretty white table in the garden… sigh.

To find out more, visit Vegetarian France, Vegetarian Hotel, Vegan Hotel, Vegetarian Restaurant, Normandy.