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Product Review – MOOM Skin Nourishing Hair Remover Products

I previously posted about a new vegan hair removal product I found called “Moom“, and I promised I would write a review about it once I tried it.  Well I have given it a go and here’s what I found;

Unfortunately, I cannot say I’m over the moon about Moom. 

I tried it on my legs and found it rather fiddly and time consuming because it’s not the easiest to spread (there’s a very fine line between not being heated enough to make it spreadable and overheating it so it’s too hot, if you use the recommended microwave method of heating) – so I found myself having to wait for it to cool, or reheat it again during the process.  That would be acceptable if it removed all the hair, but I found that it did not.  I had to repeat over most sections at least twice to get the majority of hair, but still some was not removed.  I ended up giving up and did not completely wax/moom both my legs as I ran out of fabric strips.  This is despite the fact that my hair was at the recommended length and my skin was clean, and I’m honestly not that hairy to begin with.  Sigh.. I was expecting so much more from this product.

When it came to using Moom on my face, I was a bit happier with this.  It still did not remove all hairs but it did a nice enough job and definitely felt kinder to my skin.  My legs too feel soft after Mooming, just not hairless. Oh and I should also mention that when it comes to legs and face, “Mooming” is definitely less painful than regular waxing.  And interestingly, it worked really well on my bikini line – removing all hairs and not much pain at all! I have no idea why this would be the case. 

The next area I tried was my underarm hair and this is where I found Moom really failed.  I applied it to my armpits in the manner directed and …  oh my god…. OUCH! I got an immediate rash, I bled, and still only half of the hair came out!  This never happens when I wax.  I immediately abandoned the task and now have raw underarms that will need to be rested before I can have a go at removing the rest of the hair by some other means.  What a crying shame.  I have no idea what went wrong.. I did everything as directed, my hair was not too long. 

Perhaps our friends at Moom can give us some feedback on my experience, perhaps I did do something wrong and I’m not aware of it.  I really WANT to like Moom and use it but at this point, I have to rate this product as only partially effective and probably not highly recommended as a full body hair removal system.  I certainly cannot say at this stage that it is as effective as conventional waxing.

That said, if you don’t mind spending time on your waxing, and you’re adept at applying the product (perhaps practice makes perfect on this score), and you don’t mind the fact that you have to re-wax the same area a few times to get all hair, by all means give Moom a go for face, bikini and possibly for legs.  If you can overcome these issues, the bonus is that it is less painful than regular waxing (but NOT from underarm hair!!) and it does leave your skin soft.

Sorry Moom… I wish I could have given you a better review. :/

Have any of our readers used Moom before?  What are your experiences?  I would love to read your feedback.

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MOOM Skin Nourishing Hair Remover Products

MOOM is a complete, organic hair removal system that is touted as being less painful than conventional waxing and made from pure botanical ingredients.  They don’t test on animals and the wax removal strips are washable and reusable, making them not only cruelty free, but more environmentally friendly than other wax products.

I’ve yet to try them for myself but I have an order coming in the post – so I will let you all know how I go with using it as soon as I can. 🙂 If you’ve already tried Moom before, I would love to hear your feedback on how the product performs.

As this is an American product with no local Australian stockists (that I know of)  you have to buy online.  The best places I’ve found for purchasing Moom are eBay and Amazon – providing the cheapest shipping rates.

You can see the full product range on Moom’s official website:  MOOM Skin Nourishing Hair Remover and Beauty Products – Product Page.

You can read my PRODUCT REVIEW here.

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Davroe Haircare – fantastic cruelty free (vegan) line

I have just discovered this amazing cruelty free line of hair care products and have personally tested out the Curl Senses Shampoo, Conditioner & Creme Definer & I have to say – I LOVE THEM!!   I have naturally frizzy hair and finding good quality cruelty free products that actually work is a constant battle for me… but not any more.  I couldn’t be happier with the results after using these.. shiny, manageable, soft and NOT FRIZZY! Woohoo!!!  I can’t wait to try some of their other products as I’m sure the rest of the line will be just as good.

PS – the Curl Senses line I mention above have been renamed “Moisture Senses” – I am assured they are still the same fantastic products, just with a shiny new name. 🙂

Happy shopping !!

See the full line here: Davroe Haircare – Hair Wellness – Products.
(vegan confirmed via Choose Cruelty Free list and vegan claim here:

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Beauty Product Review – Lavera Foundation

Lavera Foundation - A Cruelty Free Wonder!

Hi gang – just had to do a super quick post to let you know about my latest beauty find that is completely cruelty free (VEGAN!) and great for sensitive skin – AND it is a lovely product!  Introducing Lavera Trend Sensitiv Make-up Fluid.  This foundation goes on smooth, gives great coverage – looks delightfully natural and fresh.  Try it out girls (and guys?) – you wont be disappointed!!  Please feel free to leave your feedback here after you get your hands on some – I would love to know if the products I like work for you too.

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