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Foster or forever home needed for cute puppy!

This URGENT call for help comes from SAFE Avon Valley – if you can give Snuggle a temporary or permanent home, please let them know ASAP.

Calling all puppy lovers! (Let’s be honest, who isn’t a puppy lover?!)
We are urgently seeking a wonderful loving family to open their heart and home and provide short-term care for ‘Snuggle.’ He is a kelpie X approximately 3 months of age who is currently sitting in a country pound, which is no place for a baby like this.
At this stage we don’t know a great deal of his background but at his age he is likely to be compatible with other dogs and other animals pending an appropriate introduction. If you are able to provide short-term care (or even adopt him!) please contact SAFE Avon Valley on 0403 152 991.

Take joy and kindness everywhere you go!

And don’t eat animals!

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Abandoned or discarded Greyhounds need loving homes

This call for help comes from Greyhound Adoptions WA.  They have several dogs needing rescue, most of which are on very limited time and must find homes urgently!

You can see the full list of Greyhounds needing help HERE.

About GAWA: As a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation, the primary mission of Greyhound Adoptions WA is to rescue and re-home greyhounds. As a rescue group they have a no kill policy and take in dogs which have not made the grade on the track or no longer wish to race and place them in homes where the love and affection they offer can be returned. They also believe it is their job is to educate people as to what a wonderful and loyal pet a greyhound can be and through adoption you will saving that dog from a life which can often be short and unhappy. 

If you can offer a temporary or permanent home to any of these dogs, please contact Toni Donnelly on 0438 601 492. Or alternatively, you can fill in our Expression of Interest Form and we will forward your details to the rescue group.

Please share this post with all your friends to help spread the word for Greyhounds needing help.

Greyhounds are beautiful companion animals for families