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Got room in your heart for a tiny kitten or two?

The following call for help comes from Banjup Animal Rescue – who are overflowing with cute kitties, desperately needing loving homes.  Here’s what Prue Filler has to say:

Hi all
Please see below our latest furballs needing home.
We have 4 x 6 week olds, 6 x 4 week olds and 2 litters born approx. 10 days ago who will soon be looking for homes as well however we cant take anymore in until we find these ones the loving homes they deserve.
Thank  you for sharing.
Prue Filer
Banjup Animal Rescue

banjup kitties

L-R – George (M) tabby. Magic (M) black and white. Lucinda (F) black and white. Scoobie (M) cream and white. Calamity (Adult F) grey and white. Tobias (M) tabby. Sadie (F) black and white. Scribbles (M) ginger and white.

George (14 weeks) was rescued from a bin on St Albans Road, Baldivis. Calamity (12mths) and her last kitten Magic (14 weeks) were no longer wanted to by the owners. Tobias (16 weeks) was a stray with his sister (rehomed) from a residence in Seville Grove. Lucinda, Scoobie, Sadie and Scribbles(8 weeks) were a litter of six rescued from an underground carpark in Bentley.

We have about another 20 little fluff balls growing very very fast who will be old enough soon to also need adoption so we need to find these little ones furever loving homes.

Banjup Animal Rescue charges an adoption package of $170 which includes, initial vaccination, microchipping, sterilisation, worming and flea treatment.

If you think you are going to move, have to go to a rental home, have a baby, don’t have time anymore because of your work, no longer want the cat or any other reason – thank you but you are not a suitable home.

Please contact – Prue Filer

Banjup Animal Rescue – Rescue and rehoming of feral cats and kittens from abandonment at commercial, industrial and residential premises.

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Cat Haven URGENTLY seeking foster carers

The Cat Haven is desperate for help again… Currently inundated with kittens & cats. Can you help a kitty in need by offering a temporary home? Cat Haven cover all the costs – all you have to give is a safe space and a little TLC. Please read below for details on how you can help.

It must be that time of year… Cat Haven is once again urgently seeking new foster carers, to help us cope with the huge
number of homeless cats and kittens coming through our doors as we come into what I affectionately call the ‘second wave’ of kitten season; cats who had a litter of kittens before Christmas are now breeding for the second time, while the kittens born early in the season are now reaching sexual maturity and starting to reproduce.

Fostering for Cat Haven involves caring for a cat(s) or kittens in your home for a short period of time. We provide on-going support while you are helping us; all costs associated with the care of the animals (including food, kitty litter etc) are provided by the Haven, we have a vet on-site 7 days per week and the Foster Care Coordinator is available 24/7 if you need anything at all.
Our greatest need at the moment is for people who can care for a mother cat with feeding kittens until the babies are weaned and ready to be re-homed, but we also have adult cats and orphaned litters of kittens needing temporary homes.

Fostering is a wonderful experience and a great way to make a huge difference in an animal’s life; it’s exceptionally rewarding, lots of fun and doesn’t cost you a thing. Everyone can be a foster carer – having other animals, kids, or a busy lifestyle doesn’t preclude you from being suitable! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming involved in this fantastic process, or you just have more questions, please feel free to contact us on 0403 152 991, or 9442 3605, or email freedom.bradbury or shannon.mioduszewski.

We look forward to meeting lots of new members of our foster care family very soon!

Freedom and Shannon 🙂

Take joy and kindness everywhere you go!

And don’t eat animals!

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