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Animal Action Alerts

Animal Action Alert – 16th October 2010

Hi everyone – I have finally produced a new Action Alert and this edition has some gorgeous critters in it!  All the featured animals are in Western Australia (although some can be flown anywhere in Australia if you’re interested in adopting!).   We have a geriatric puss, several kittens, a Mastiff X and a Kelpie X all looking for that special someone to love .. maybe it’s you?  There’s also some “Happy Ending” updates to warm the cockles of your heart.  The sideline is packed full of great links and information including online petitions, enviro friendly tips, an interview with Jonathan Safran Foer and a yummy healthy recipe.  There’s also a De-Flocked comic, alternative to animal testing information, and cruelty free beauty product review.  So what are you waiting for?  Read all the great stuff here.

If you have any feedback on this edition – I would LOVE to read it. Please post your comments below.

Yours in critter love… Maree

Animal Action Alerts

Animal Action Alert – 12th May 2010

Hi I'm Jewel - Could You Love Me?

The latest Action Alert has 7 animals needing our help – including a pony foal, 2 cats, 2 rabbits & 2 dogs!  Please read their stories and help them if you can – if you can’t adopt yourself please let others know about these animals, you may have a friend who would love to save a critter?

Apart from the adorable animals, there is loads of information and links in this edition too – including an interview, book review, pet products & services, charities & incentives, online petitions, a cruelty free product review and a recipe! What more could any self proclaimed animal loving, enviro aware, intelligent & caring consumer ask for??

I hope you enjoy the read – if you haven’t already clicked the links above – please CLICK HERE to view the Alert.

PS: I would LOVE to read your feedback, good or bad! Please post your comments here – I would really like to know what my readers want and expect and am ALWAYS looking for ways to improve.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Love and thanks – from me & the critters xx

Animal Action Alerts

Three kitties and a bunny…

Hamish is looking for a Home

This weeks Animal Action Alert features three beautiful cats and a bunny who are desperate to find loving homes. Each one has a sad story to tell but like all animals, they are so ready to move on and forgive and forget – wanting only to love and be loved. One of the cats (Becky) and the rabbit (Asher) are fairly traumatized so they will need a caring and gentle approach. With love – just LOVE – these animals will surely flourish! Please read and share this e-newsletter with your friends to help spread the word.

Love and gratitude from me and the critters.

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Animal Action Alerts

Animal Action Alert – 19th Feb 2010


This weeks Alert has a rabbit, 2 kitties, and 2 dogs searching for new and loving homes.  Some of these animals have been hurt or dumped and would so love to have a second chance at a decent life.  It’s always amazing to me how readily animals will forgive and forget – their desire to live, love and have fun runs very deep.  If only we all could have such open and willing hearts!

The sideline of the alerts always has loads of interesting stuff – every edition features a variety of links including; competitions, pet products, cruelty free retailers, book reviews, news stories, healthy recipes and more!

Please enjoy the read but more importantly – please share the Alert with your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins,  workmates, your hairdresser, the baker… you get the idea.  The more people who read and share this alert, the bigger chance the animals have of being rescued.

Thank you for caring for the voiceless – Click here: to view the Alert.

Animal Action Alerts

Animal Action Alert – 3rd Feb 2010

When you adopt an animal, you have to wonder - Who's saving Who?

This weeks Alert has 4 cats, 1 dog and 1 horse that are desperately needing forever homes. Plus the Cat Haven is calling out for help with Foster Carers for their adult cats – its easy to do and they provide everything so please consider helping out.

Apart from the lovely animals, there’s loads more in this Alert – competitions to enter, a volunteer job vacancy, armchair activism, delicious biscuit recipe, info on global warming, cruelty free retailers and more – so sit back and enjoy the read.

Oh and please don’t forget to share the Alert with your friends, and invite them to subscribe – the more people we have on our mailing list, the more chances the animals have of being rescued.

Thanks for everything you do for the animals – Click here: to view the Alert.

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Be sure to click on the Animal Action Alert tab to learn about what we’re doing to help abandoned and/or abused Perth animals.  To see the latest edition of the Action Alerts, click on the archive link on the right side of this page – we create a new one at least once a week – sometimes more – so if you’re thinking of taking in a new pet, please PLEASE consider any of the wonderful animals featured on the alerts.