Location: Burns Beach

Phil and Giles are a pair lovely little Barnevelder cross feather-footed bantam roosters. They were hand reared along with three other chicks believed to be females, but all four grew up to be beautiful roosters. Their friends Ivan and Winston were lucky enough to find new homes, but these two boys are still looking.

As their current carers live in suburbia, they are not permitted to keep roosters at their residence. Despite trying different methods to reduce the noise of their crows, they are worried that the boys will be discovered, and the council will take him away. They are very fond of this little guys, and would love to keep them as pets but their proximity to the neighbours means this isn’t an option, therefore they are eager to find their boys a loving home.

Of the original four roosters, Phil and Giles were at the bottom of the pecking order. Both are very sweet little cockerels, and Giles is particularly shy; they make wonderful pets. Not to mention they are stunning birds, boasting beautiful colours and patterns, and forage around on those adorable feathered feet!


Name:                    Phil and Giles

Age:                       6 months

Sex:                       Male

Breed:                   Barnevelder X Feather Footed Bantam

Wormed:               Yes

De-sexed:              No

Vaccinated:          Yes

Temperament:      Friendly and non-aggressive.

Special Considerations: Roosters are restricted to councils that allow the keeping of them due to the noise they create with their adorable crows. Please be sure to check with your local council before you offer to adopt.

Adoption Fee:   $40

Giles is a little camera shy
Can I help you?
Phil’s cool do
Giles looking very handsome
Giles trying to hide
Phil posing for his photo

We hope you can help us to help these lovely roosters .. please fill in the form via the “APPLY HERE” button below if you would like to know more, or offer to adopt.


* Animal Actionist promotes non breeding of all rescued animals, particularly in the interest of breaking the cycle of unwanted farm animals (most of them males,) that find themselves with little time to find a new home and end up in danger of slaughter. All farm animals adopted via Animal Actionist are intended as family pets, and therefore the same rules that apply for non breeding of cats and dogs, applies to these animals too. If you apply to adopt you thereby agree and are bound to not use this animal for breeding.

All suitable applications are forwarded to the current custodian for consideration, and you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your offer further. Please understand that it may take a few days for us to respond to you depending on the amount of applications received, and it is never a case of first come, first served with animal adoptions, as we have to do our best to locate the absolute best homes for the animals. If you have any problems or further queries, please contact Animal Actionist direct via the “contact us” link. Thank you so much for caring for animals.

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    Michelle Blackman

    HI im interested in adopting Phil and Giles if they are happy to live together with my rescue old girls (7 in total)
    I have a property in Gidgegannup where they will live there life out in a huge Fox proof very large enclosure with lots of plants and trees . Please let me know if you cant find a home for them . Cheers Michelle

    1. Avatar
      lula v

      Hi Michelle
      Thank you for your interest in Phil & Giles.
      I’m sure they would be happy to stay together and live with some old hens.
      Could you please fill in our online application?
      You can do so by clicking on the “apply here” below their photos.
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind Regards,
      The AA team

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