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A year ago, this stunning 5 year-old gelding ‘Valentino’ was purchased by his current owners for a pleasure ride. The young gelding was presented to them by the seller as sound. Unfortunately, after initial training by Karen White at Mohegan Centre and a vet report, it was discovered that he is lame and unable to be ridden in order to manage his pain levels and elongate his quality of life.

He has been diagnosed with performance limiting lameness associated with his lower joints of the right-front limb. He can no longer be ridden as this puts pressure on his back and joints causing him discomfort.

Valentino requires interaction with other horses, he needs companionship and stimulation otherwise he becomes depressed. He also requires a home with an experienced horse owner.

Prospective adopters will be offered full disclosure of vet reports and trainer reports and any information they require.

Valentino is a sweet boy, with a trusting and kind nature and loves a cuddle and a brush. He is also great with other animals; dogs, cats and other horses.

Valentino has been my first horse every! I am nervous around horses and I find that by spending time with Valentino, my confidence grows. He has an extraordinary ability to console and comfort me when I am walking with him, or around him.

Horse trainer Karen White, mentioned he would be a great ‘Healing horse,’ assisting disabled people, or those with a lack of confidence, as he is very smart and sensitive horse and acts accordingly with different people.

Valentino will be vaccinated and wormed before handover to his new family, and an adoption fee of $50 applies.


NAME:        Valentino

AGE:           5 years

SEX:            Male

BREED:       Quarter Horse X Thoroughbred (True Black)

HEIGHT:      15hh (approx.)




TEMPERAMENT:   Sensitive, yet strong and reassuring.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS:  Valentino is not suitable for riding. He required a home with an experienced owner and the company of other horses.


We hope you can help us to rehome this lovely horse .. please fill in the form via the “APPLY HERE” button below if you would like to know more, or offer to adopt.

Special thanks to Rebecca Wiltshire from ShutterPaws for the stunning photos below. (Last two photos supplied by the owner)



Animal Actionist promotes non breeding of all rescued animals, particularly in the interest of breaking the cycle of unwanted farm animals (most of them males,) that find themselves with little time to find a new home and end up in danger of slaughter. All farm animals adopted via Animal Actionist are intended as family pets, and therefore the same rules that apply for non breeding of cats and dogs, applies to these animals too. If you apply to adopt you thereby agree and are bound to not use this animal for breeding.

All suitable applications are forwarded to the current custodian for consideration, and you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your offer further. Please understand that it may take a few days for us to respond to you depending on the amount of applications received, and it is never a case of first come, first served with animal adoptions, as we have to do our best to locate the absolute best homes for the animals. If you have any problems or further queries, please contact Animal Actionist direct via the “contact us” link. Thank you so much for caring for animals.

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    Nicole mcswain

    Hi just wondering about Valentino we could offer him a home but are in Jarrahdale. The property is 49 acre bush block is in the hills and does have some rocks . He would be s companion horse for a x racehorse rescue mare. Do you think this would be a problem for him and would be better suited on the flats . My husband is experienced with horses x

    1. Avatar
      lula v

      Hi Nicole, thank you for your enquiry. It sounds like you may have the perfect home for Valentino. If you are still interested, could you please fill out our online application? Alternatively you can email me at [email protected] and I can send you the form. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Christine

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