Leela: Arrived 5 May 2014

This sweet and quiet-mannered Damara sheep was owned by a small hobby farmer when she developed a severe eye infection from a suspected injury.  The eye didn’t respond to the basic first aid provided by her owner, and quickly became very red, swollen and infected. Leela needed vet attention which her owner could not afford, and as she was a “farm animal”, her injury increased the likelihood of her meeting her end and becoming someone’s dinner.  However, luckily for Leela the farmer had a tender spot for her, as she had been a good mother to at least a few lambs in the past and had such a gentle nature.  So, when given the option of giving Leela a second chance at life, it didn’t take her owner long to make the best decision for her ailing ovine.  Lucky Leela was surrendered to Happy Hooves for care and rehabilitation – she was about to lose an eye, but was gaining a chance at a long life, protected under the wing of a sanctuary where she would never need learn about the butcher’s blade.  An eye for a safe life… some would say that’s a trade worth making.

Leela, first day after surgery
Leela, first day after surgery

As soon as we collected Leela, she was health-assessed, given pain relief and taken to the vet for eye removal surgery – the only option due to the severity of the infection. As a result of the infection, Leela’s appetite was below normal and she had lost weight; our main short term focus post surgery, was to ensure the infection did not return and to give her supplements and appetite stimulants to help her return to a healthy caloric intake. After an initial challenging period where Leela barely picked at her food and we feared she may be giving up, we had a bright idea to bring another sheep into the hospital barn to remind Leela how enthusiastic eating is done.  The obvious choice for this noble task was Miss Daisy – and she did a fine job at demonstrating the skills required to demolish food at haste. Leela watched with her one beautiful eye, and started to get the idea….

Leela takes a few tentative bites after watching Daisy (front)
Leela takes a few tentative bites after watching Daisy (front)

With ongoing food appreciation lessons from Miss Daisy, and constant reassurance and attention from her new human family – Leela (named after the one eyed, self-assured and strong female warrior of “Futurama” fame) regained her appetite for food and life.  She continues her healing process under our watchful gaze, and now has a new best friend to share her long future.  Welcome to the fold, dear Leela.

and best friend, Miss Daisy
BFF for life

Would you like to help us to Take Care of Leela?  One off donations and sponsorship gifts are available now to support our work. Thank you for caring about farm animals. 

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