UPDATE – Koccie has found a new home – WONDERFUL news!!


Koccie currently lives with a family who took her in as a stray and had her sterilised, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Unfortunately, they are relocating overseas in less than two weeks. They looked into taking her with them but it is simply unfeasible, so they are desperate to find this adorable young puss a stable, loving home before they go. Here is what they have to say about her.

Koccie is a lovely little ‘grey tiger’, very affectionate and low-maintenance. She came to us as a young cat almost two years ago, subsisting on food scraps left out for the birds. We quickly extended our hospitality to caring for her with food and medical attention, as there are other strays in the area.

After a while, Koccie began visiting on a regular basis, trusting we would be there for her. She requires very little apart from attention (patting) and is an indoor/outdoor cat (we would prefer she was kept safe indoors at night). She does not need any training to live inside – if she wants anything she meows at the food box or the door to let us know. Since we took her in our plans have changed and we are moving to Europe. We are very sad that we cannot take her with us and don’t want her to be left on her own once we leave. Please find a place in your home for Koccie – you will find her a wonderful and very appreciative friend.

Contact us by email at [email protected] or call Alex on 0427 251 211.


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