*** UPDATE May 2012 ***

I have just received word that these lucky felines have found a wonderful new home, and are now safe.  Blessings!!!

The following call for help comes from Prue Filler of Banjup Animal Rescue. Can anyone please help these abandoned kitties? Please share.

These two cats were boarded at a cattery south of the river since February 2012 and the owners have never returned to take them home.  They need a special home where they can live out their lives with the love & affection they deserve.

The tabby is a male, blind, age 6 years. He is very very loving & thrives on lots of cuddles & of course he is neutered & vaccinated. He manages to find his way around without any problem & is not a burden because of his blindness.

The Tonkinese is female, in her senior years, aged 12 years also loving, quiet & affectionate. She is also spayed & vaccinated. She is very quiet but loves to snuggle. Would be no trouble at all.

Please, if someone could find it within their heart to take these two poor little souls into their care I am sure they will be eternally grateful. Their only hope is you or the cat haven & unfortunately we all know the end result.

Would you like to know more about this animal and/or offer to adopt? Please fill in our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form.


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