These two have finally been adopted.  Woohoo!!!!! 😀


Coco & Saffron have been looking for a permanent home for over a year!!  It is high time they found someone to love them and a stable and wonderful home to call their own.  They are gorgeous little bunnies, who are no trouble and just love to hang with each other and eat their treats… could you spare some room in your home and heart for them?

My name is Coco I am living with my bestie, Saffron (saffie), and we have such a great time living together.  I would be very sad if we had to be separated so I’ve asked my carers to make sure we are adopted together.

We are quite small, and don’t make a lot of sound. 🙂  If you can provide us with a decent sized hutch with plenty of running time in a run, we’ll promise not to destroy… much! hehe.

Our favourite treats are bukchoy, and we LOVE celery heads as well as many other veggies and most happiest when we have a litter tray full of fresh hay every day or second day! I love waking up next to my best friend, and I would also love getting to know you!

Want to read more about Coco (and Saffron) or call the rescue group to find out more?  Please follow this link to her PetRescue profile: Coco’s profile at PetRescue – is she your new best friend?.

Alternatively, you can fill in our Expression of Interest Form and we will forward your details to the rescue group.

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